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The sole purpose of information is to educate and educate right! I'm a fact intensive writer but I also dig deep into sales copy every now and then to hone my salesmanship-skills, thus avoiding futile details.

I understand that informative copy, ads and sales letters have a fine line to separate each of them and promise to keep that in mind while I draft the work given to me. Informative will remain informative. Sales oriented will do the selling.

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  by spoozy 2012-05-18 for Article: Semantics Evolved : Google Introduces The "Knowledge Graph"
Amazing article - exactly what I was looking for and quickly delivered.

If you're looking for a writer - don't' use Anuj... because I want him all to myself...! ;)


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  by spoozy 2012-05-10 for Article: AnyVan.com : Transportation Services that give you Flexibility

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  by spoozy 2012-05-03 for Article: Living with the Penguin: What is Google's latest update and how to use it to win those rankings?
Cracking article Anuj :) 

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  by spoozy 2012-04-27 for Article: The importance of using relevant outbound links
Another great piece of content - thank you 

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  by spoozy 2012-04-21 for Article: HOW TO: Use the New Google Analytics

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  by oicgroup 2012-04-20 for Article: Ecommerce SEO Services

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  by lookingforgoodcontent 2012-04-07 for Article: The best times to pin on Pinterest
Good english 

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  by castor 2012-04-05 for Article: What is keyword research?
Really good article and so overdelivered. Thanks! 

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  by Eliofel 2012-04-04 for Article: Specialized K9 Bed Bug Treatment for NYC
good job
thank you  

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  by spoozy 2012-03-18 for Article: The semantic web and how search is evolving in relation

Rated with 
  by spoozy 2012-03-10

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  by Tatyana 2012-03-02
grammar mistakes, word choice 
Responded with comment: Be careful of this requester! You've been warned friend.... 

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  by webbizandy 2012-02-22
Very well written article that has a great conversational tone and easy format, this is one of the best I have received yet! 

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  by alexseo 2012-02-14

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  by igniter 2012-02-13
The quality is not good enough for EA 

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  by simonwade 2012-02-13
well done, well written in a timely manner 

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  by RBellefond 2012-02-13
Well written article.


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  by nyxincorporated 2012-02-13
Thank you for your help... 

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  by littletanhouse 2012-02-12
wonderful article, thank you... 

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  by simple 2012-02-11
This is not in common english. It was written in a foreign language and translated. It does not flow. 
Responded with comment: It was written in "American" English ya asshole! And I don't translate other people's work. F*** you! If you want a full on sales letter, it's way more than 500 words and costs minimum $45!! Miser requester! 

Rated with 
  by spoozy 2012-02-08

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  by heatherene 2012-02-06
A well written article. I would recommend this writer 

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  by seopandapro 2012-02-06
Writer was able to revise article based on feedback and rewrite article 

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  by spoozy 2012-02-05

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  by mymj87 2012-02-04
Good job... sorry for the delay... 

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