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Hi, I am Rock Dsouza, I have been writing for a while now. Previously almost all my articles have been approved by my clients and they seemed pretty much satisfied with them. I write cause it is one of my hobbies!

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  by eegir85 2014-05-07 for Article: Stack On 22 Gun Safe - The very best for you.

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  by sluxent 2014-05-02 for Article: With Garcinia Cambogia you loose weight naturally!
i need pro articles 

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  by nvickery 2014-04-17 for Article: Places you must visit during your trip to Australia.
Responded with comment: Rejected without even giving a reason. Unpleasant to work with. 

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  by varunjha 2014-04-09 for Article: Root Sony Xperia Neo L Made simple.

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  by Hawaiian 2014-03-15 for Article: Benefits of hiring a Social Media Marketing firm.
doesn't flow particularly well  

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  by Stuckyarticles 2014-03-13 for Article: Branding Agencies - All you need to know.
Please check grammar. 

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  by belindahaus 2014-03-05 for Article: Web Design ~ Latest trends of the year!
I appreciate that you actually were on-topic, but in general a lot of grammatical and style problems--would require a lot of editing. Thanks all the same.  

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  by adlin12 2014-03-05 for Article: The Best Accurate Wireless Heart Rate Monitor.

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  by writersblock 2014-03-03 for Article: Awnings ~ History and its uses.


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