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Hi, I am Rock Dsouza, I have been writing for a while now. Previously almost all my articles have been approved by my clients and they seemed pretty much satisfied with them. I write cause it is one of my hobbies!

Rated with 
  by nvickery 2d 22h 46m ago for Article: Places you must visit during your trip to Australia.
Responded with comment: Rejected without even giving a reason. Unpleasant to work with. 

Rated with 
  by varunjha 2014-04-09 for Article: Root Sony Xperia Neo L Made simple.

Rated with 
  by Hawaiian 2014-03-15 for Article: Benefits of hiring a Social Media Marketing firm.
doesn't flow particularly well  

Rated with 
  by Stuckyarticles 2014-03-13 for Article: Branding Agencies - All you need to know.
Please check grammar. 

Rated with 
  by belindahaus 2014-03-05 for Article: Web Design ~ Latest trends of the year!
I appreciate that you actually were on-topic, but in general a lot of grammatical and style problems--would require a lot of editing. Thanks all the same.  

Rated with 
  by adlin12 2014-03-05 for Article: The Best Accurate Wireless Heart Rate Monitor.

Rated with 
  by writersblock 2014-03-03 for Article: Awnings ~ History and its uses.

Rated with 
  by Shannon589 2014-03-02 for Article: Real Estate Agents ~ How they help!
Not what we can use..  

Rated with 
  by Lygorma 2014-02-26 for Article: Hacking Facebook Accounts- Now made easy!
grammatical mistakes, sadly must reject  

Rated with 
  by neuewavemedia 2013-04-12 for Article: Choosing From The Right SEO Packages.

Rated with 
  by neuewavemedia 2013-04-12
poor wording, does not read well 

Rated with 
  by Writemesomething 2013-04-02
thx nice info - maybe you can write a more unique title next time? 

Rated with 
  by johnblidas 2013-03-31
Good article 

Rated with 
  by Writemesomething 2013-03-22
5 stars for the extra words. Few repeats and few spelling errors 

Rated with 
  by Writemesomething 2013-03-15
decent, overuse of keywords and repeats tho. 

Rated with 
  by Writemesomething 2013-03-14
Did you read instructions? The keyword appear like twice per sentence, it almost looks like spam.
Im still approving it and adjusting it myself tho. 

Rated with 
  by Writemesomething 2013-03-10
Very nice article, maybe a bit too general info, and a bit of repeats.

Hope you can write more articles for me? 

Rated with 
  by neuewavemedia 2013-03-07

Rated with 
  by MBaltazar 2012-12-08
Bad use of commas. Grammatical errors. 

Rated with 
  by Boptom 2012-04-16
Poor grammar and poorly formatted. 

Rated with 
  by delashmate 2012-04-14
The article is not focused on it's subject. 

Rated with 
  by floshow25 2012-04-13
Article was well-written and comprehensive 

Rated with 
  by longleyr 2012-04-08
some of this just doesn't make any sense. 
Responded with comment: Yah aight, you could have come up with a better excuse than that lol. 

Rated with 
  by asterixia 2012-03-25

Rated with 
  by raybse 2012-03-25
Very Good keep up the good work. 

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