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  by charhammett 2012-07-13 for Article: Housing and Lifestyle of Peoria, Arizona
did not follow instructions.  

Rated with 
  by bblanc1 2012-04-12 for Article: A Criminal DUI Lawyer Can Protect Your Freedom
You had a lot of words but the content was repetitive and did not follow the instructions of what I asked for. Sorry 
Responded with comment: Terrible client. AVOID. Followed his instructions to rewrite everything 4 times. He says repetitive when he specifically asked for spun content. Waste of time and very little compensation when asking for 4 articles from one low price.  

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  by thabo9 2012-03-26 for Article: Help Planning Events During Your Pregnancy with a Pregnancy Calculator
1. Spelling mistakes in your article
2. No keyword in 1st or 2nd sentence for SEO
3. Your article sounds like the rest
4. Paragraphs are too long
5. I spoke about weeks not trimesters 
Responded with comment: Terrible client. He said there were spelling errors, but I ran it through spell check and there were no errors. Client is a fake. I am highly educated and do not make the grammar mistakes that he says I made. He also did not say anything abt "weeks" 

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  by mtasev 2012-03-23 for Article: String Quartet for weddings
Not bad, but I think you can do better.
Responded with comment: Don't write for this client. Rejected w/ no reason. Waste of time and terrible client. WRITER BEWARE. 

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  by ianfluid 2012-03-23 for Article: Improve Your Credit with a Transunion Free Credit Report

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  by STKinc 2012-03-22 for Article: Photography EN-EL12 Charger
Well Written 

Rated with 
  by STKinc 2012-03-22 for Article: Photography EN-EL12

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  by superdevo 2012-03-19 for Article: Finding a Reputable Michigan DJ Service
Did a good job....good article! 

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  by fahusto 2012-03-18 for Article: How to Plan a Wedding

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  by practical4 2012-03-18 for Article: Surprise Your Guests with Many Different Unique Wedding Favors
good job. 

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  by kyslug 2012-02-25

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  by coloradoseo 2012-02-25
This was a good article that will work for my legal profession client. Nice work! 

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  by frankm 2012-02-24
Excellent article. Quality grammer. Easy to read article. Excellent through out. 

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  by coloradoseo 2012-02-24

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  by mjveinbergs 2012-02-19
Well researched & well written. Would recommend this writer. 

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  by mjveinbergs 2012-02-13
They did a nice job on a pretty niche article. Would recommend. 

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  by jbeede 2012-02-11

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  by turmune 2012-02-10

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  by lorocr8ive 2012-02-10
Thanks. Great job! 

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  by jbeede 2012-02-09
Great article written quickly and with quality. 

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  by mitstacia 2012-02-04
thank you great article 

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  by angelcoding 2012-02-01

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  by nutznmoney 2012-01-28
The writer did a very good job with the information provided. My client will be happy with the result. 

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  by datatrond 2012-01-27

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  by kimberlybean 2012-01-26
Well written! 

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