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Part Time Internet Marketer, I am a freelancer Who started off Writing for a small Anime and Manga Blog. I work at squidoo (Giant Squid) and do Fiverr gigs for Internet marketers and more. I know many Internet Marketing Techniques and I am willing to go the extra mile when providing for a costumer.

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  by nessa900 2013-09-14 for Article: Four important steps to earning a 5 figure day with clickbank
this is on the wrong subject, "5 figure day" is a lead generation program. 
Responded with comment: Oh I apologize for doing it on the wrong topic. I thought you meant write about using clickbank to earn 5 figures each day. I'm sorry.  

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  by octavien 2012-01-07 for Article: Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3 Complete Guide , & HD Video Series/Walkthrough Included
grammar and spelling problems, sorry i can't accept this article 

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  by aeshlog 2011-11-30 for Article: 3 ways to tell if you are falling in love
I like your written article, Thanks :) 

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  by aniketsrivastava 2011-11-29 for Article: 3 Basic Tips on Improving Traffic to your blog
Hi..sorry to reject the article but the content was rather a general one which might not get accepted as guest post for other blog. I was looking for some tips in the article which can help bloggers fight the google panda update as well. 
Responded with comment: Oh I see.. so I guess I just wasted a great amount of time on that article .. you could have at least took it and spun it just saying  

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  by intranet 2011-11-23 for Article: 3 Benefits to Switching from 3g to 4g Internet Providers

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  by larubero 2011-11-22 for Article: 3 Reason`s Why Business`s Need Good Printers and Copiers
Article is nicely written and will do the job it's intended for.
Might use this writer again in the future 
Responded with comment: I enjoyed this topic and I wanted to provide the requester with content that is unique and original! I enjoyed writing for them and would love to have the chance to do it again.  

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  by malinga 2011-11-22 for Article: 3 Techniques to get your ex back!
Hi there, thank you for the article, its great but I have a question for you, this is my 1st time using the service, could you tell me how do I get these article spun.Thank s again Harry G. 

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  by bhjmom 2011-11-21 for Article: First Date Tips
Makes no sense, grammar and spelling problems 
Responded with comment: Not sure if that is true  

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  by Helena 2011-11-21 for Article: It`s not Christmas without having a Inflatable Christmas Decoration!
not acceptable quality, poor grammar and content 
Responded with comment: Felt I gave it my best try ...  

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  by joanbeaulieu 2011-11-20 for Article: Getting Started in Internet Marketing is easier than you think!
Well organized...good content. 


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