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My name is Kate and I have been a freelance writer for 15 years. I write for an art publication called Art to Art Palette Journal in addition to several different writing sites.
Art, decorating, business, and green energy are among my favorite topics although I love researching and learning about anything new.

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  by gordon6517 2012-08-13 for Article: Baby Weight Loss Suggestions that Work
Well written article 

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  by josip 2012-08-10 for Article: Breaking the Ice in US Property Investments

Rated with 
  by khoa.jackie 2012-08-08 for Article: Triamterene-HCTZ
There are sentences don't make any sense. It seems that you use article spinning software.. 

Rated with 
  by jdtate51 2012-07-31 for Article: New Studies Link Depression and Vitamin D Deficiency
did not follow keyword instructions 
Responded with comment: Followed instructions to the tee. Poor excuse and poor client. This article will be posted elsewhere. 

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  by iprogress 2012-07-23 for Article: The Forgotten Art of Joinery

Rated with 
  by VitaRank 2012-07-23 for Article: Strike Up a European Look with Bistro Furniture

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  by 91a7mad 2012-07-20 for Article: Coffee and Occasional Tables that bring a Room Together
thank you.  

Rated with 
  by eddje16 2012-07-20 for Article: Being Short is just a Lie

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  by NK800TL 2012-07-13 for Article: Finding Jobs in the Care Home Industry
good job 

Rated with 
  by ownergolan 2012-07-09 for Article: Autism Spectrum Disorder is not a Curse
this is not what i expected 

Rated with 
  by kennyk3 2012-07-08

Rated with 
  by nd5media 2012-07-07
Thanks for following the guideline I provided. The article was well written. The only thing I could see modifying is keyword density. Other than that perfect job! 

Rated with 
  by vcampagna 2012-06-25

Rated with 
  by Jaeryn 2012-06-25
3 stars because clearly did not follow my instructions, article was not the idea I requested. But I approved it because it's a well-written article and I can probably use it for another purpose... but I will still need to resubmit my original request 

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  by jmtechenquiries 2012-06-24
Article didn't fulfill specific request, which was to write an article using the info from FAQ page provided. 
Responded with comment: No reason for rejection. This site is really beginning to get a bad reputation among professional writers. 

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  by cg5000 2012-06-23
nice work! 

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  by Aguilar18 2012-06-15
Thank you for a well written article. 

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  by twistedfate 2012-06-08
Article was on topic, interesting, well researched and well written. All the instructions were followed as specified. Good job! 

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  by encehomes 2012-06-04
Why is it in passt-tense? Put it in present tense.
The writing sounds fine, and flows well enough, but most of the sentences are just fluff. It hardly says anything very useful. It sounds like a generic review that could be applied to anything.  
Responded with comment: Directions were followed as given. If you were looking for an article to give a mock review, you will not find it with a professional writer. 

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  by jeanjacques 2012-06-03
Hi, I really like what you wrote, Cheers! Jean-Jacques 

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  by pleiritz 2012-06-01
Very impressed! This writer understood the message I am trying to convey in just a few hours. I definitely will work with him (or her) again. 

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  by pramodahv 2012-05-29
the article is ok. But, you could have added some more basic information.. like the need for refrigerated shipping etc as a prefix. 

Rejected on 2012-05-29
Responded with comment: thanks for the 5 stars 

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  by sixacrehollow 2012-05-22
Excellent. The article was done so quick and efficiently. Would definately use again. 

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  by activision 2012-05-19

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