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  by neilcoleman78 2012-04-20 for Article: Experience the enjoyment of destruction by playing Doc Ock Rampage

Rated with 
  by neilcoleman78 2012-04-19 for Article: Terminator bike unique bike game and an action thriller
Wrong game, and also no game erview, just too broad 

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  by joelwong622 2012-04-18 for Article: Know about the mental status through online by undergoing test
don't just focus on online test.  

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  by kotakeripik 2012-04-17 for Article: Provide exceptional safety and comforts for child with chicco travel system

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  by patking76 2012-04-14 for Article: Create amazing websites with stunning looks through Oxnard web design

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  by Toplinker 2012-04-14 for Article: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy :Fun educational toys for kids
Ok writer. A few sentence that doesn't make sense and there's no bullet points as I requested. 

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  by Tom W. 2012-04-14 for Article: Explainer Videos Better alternate to text
unprofessional. too much grammatical errors. lay low on the use of "the" 

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  by Seosally 2012-04-13 for Article: Capture stunning pictures of emotional moments in wedding with wedding photography
Great Work 

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  by dudebucks 2012-04-13 for Article: Get rid of the tiredness with Australian party pills
i don't like how the sentences or words phrases that you used. its like you run it in a article spinning software. thanks anyway. 

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  by MosierData 2012-04-12 for Article: Avail irresistible discounts on Fax, Mobile and office Phone with Ringcentral coupon
Content makes little sense due to some or all of the following factors: spelling errors, missing words, bad grammar, etc.  

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  by saperillo 2012-04-09
I can't read properly the article, there's no proper paragraph. The sentences is not in their proper format (capital letter after the period and etc. )  

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  by weavy2010 2012-04-03
bad use of english 

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  by angel234 2012-04-02
Still have grammatical errors but tolerable. 

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  by schmip 2012-03-22
Thank You! 

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  by bazz99 2012-03-20
Great stuff 

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  by paultim71 2012-03-20

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  by whatsinmedia 2012-03-04
Not that well written and will have to do some work to make good - but content and context is right. 

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  by geeken 2012-03-04
The article should be for only one car "Maruti Swift Dzire" in 500 words 

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  by joedaniels 2012-03-02
Didn't make sense and ignored intructions 

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  by joelwong622 2012-03-02
Great Article, Thank you. 

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  by joyfuldesigns 2012-02-29
good job, thanks. 

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  by consiglere 2012-02-28
good article 

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  by Travelwriter 2012-02-27
Brilliant article, exactly what I was after. Clearly read the instructions and delivered great content in return, thank you. 

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  by ronmojohny 2012-02-27
Soory, this article is on the wrong subject. I think they uploaded to the wrong directory. 
Responded with comment: I am Sorry submitted wrong article...if possibilities i can send you the article..

Thank you 

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  by moneyteacher 2012-02-07
Dry text, use not all my reccomendations .

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