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Writing is my passion. I've won awards in creative writing competitions beginning in jr. high school; in high school one of my poems was published in a special anthology. My high scores on the "Advanced Placement English" tests in my senior year earned me an entire year's worth of college level english credit for free! Words are powerful, and I'm delighted to add life and color into any writing project.

For an example of my editing expertise, check out the new kindle ebook novel I edited for my friend: "For Love or Power" by Joy Sydney Williams. Amazon will let you preview the first three chapters.

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  by ckmguy 2012-01-22
Nice article! Thank-you! 

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  by syoung 2012-01-22

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  by thomass 2012-01-21
Excellent article. I highly recommend this writer.  

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  by zoomdigital 2012-01-19
I'm sorry. I sat on the fence with this artical thinking I could edit it. Some of the 'facts' are incorrect and the english doesn't flow. 

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  by Arturo 2012-01-19
well written article, was able to express the feel of the wbsite 

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  by rihtar00@uahoo.com.au 2012-01-17

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  by youngshand 2012-01-16
Excellent article, thank you very much. 

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  by georges 2012-01-14
Great stuff, thank you! 

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  by smokesigs 2012-01-12
Good job, article delivered as requested 

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