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Loving the country life as a hobby farmer with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, both saltwater and freshwater fish, goats, sheep and horses, and a partridge in a pear tree. Ok, that's a lie; I don't have any pear trees.

I am a homeschooling mom to one beautiful 6 year old girl and I am a Captain Paramedic Supervisor in a large urban fire department.

I love to write humorous things, but can also write in a professional tone or any other style that is needed. Lyrics and poetry are specialties I don't get to use often, but I love to write these styles as well.

I am knowledgable in areas of child raising, education, health, animal husbandry, politics, religion, and economy to name a few. I guarantee research and good quality content in every piece of work I submit.

I am looking for steady work when possible; I truly enjoy partnerships with steady requesters.

Note added April 20, 2014 I have not visited this site in a few months, and have been unavailable for some of my favorite requesters. I am back and fully available for work again. I chose not to take work during this time because I could not deliver the high quality content in a timely fashion that my requesters expect from me, and I refuse to submit substandard work. I apologize for this down time.

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  by isuccesshub 2014-04-30 for Article: Body Scrubs: Health Spa Benefits at Home
Good job. Great material. 

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  by andrewex 2014-04-28 for Article: Club Texting: The Communication Software for Your Non-Profit Organization
Thank you for a great article 

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  by nikiverv8 2014-04-28 for Article: Taking Time to Just "Be"
Hello writer....thanks again for article. I'm after ideas e.g. How playing shops can teach children about counting money or how going out for the day and only speaking words from another language to help children increase their language skills.  

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  by nikiverv8 2014-04-28 for Article: Bertha and Bob: A Love for the Ages
Lovely writing skills and great ideas behind the stories written. 

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  by englishrose31 2014-04-28 for Article: Deep Tissue Massage

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  by Marttiness 2014-04-26 for Article: Various Article Rewrites; Baby Development, Car Seats, Baby Teeth Grinding
You are good but I need more unique writing. 

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  by Lchalfin 2014-04-24 for Article: Using Shoulder Rehab to Strengthen Shoulder Muscles and Ease Pain

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  by The_Oracle 2014-04-24 for Article: Degenerative Myelopathy in Dogs; Options in Extending Quality of Life for Your Pet
LOVE IT! Perfect for what I need... adding you to favorites. 


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