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  by alantay 2012-03-02 for Article: What to do if you run out of idea in blogging
Good writing although it can still be better ;) 

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  by deedee 2012-03-01 for Article: Overcome procastination
Great Thanks. 

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  by syoung 2012-02-18 for Article: Ros hommerson boots

Rated with 
  by bhjmom 2012-02-17 for Article: Why You Don't Need Another Person to Complete You.
Just repeats the same things over and over with no real information. 

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  by ybati11 2012-02-15 for Article: Make money from home ideas
A Thousand Thanks For 5 STAR***** Service!!!!! 

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  by cornetta 2012-02-15 for Article: Autoresponders
Did not read well 

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  by bhjmom 2012-02-15 for Article: Will Men Ever Understand Women Fully?
This doesn't make much sense at all or really talk about the topic in any depth. 

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  by JDS2012 2012-02-15 for Article: How to work on jumping higher
Sorry, but this topic is supposed to pertail to athletics, ports, especially basketball. 
Responded with comment: You did not specify you want it to be written for sport men. And it is unfair to rate me with 1 star. 

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  by sdph55 2012-02-15 for Article: Custom website design

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  by johnfinal 2012-02-15 for Article: How to get more traffic to your site.
No explanation about topic  
Responded with comment: You need to give reason why you reject articles. You cannot just reject article without reason. Are you new here? 

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  by flamewave 2012-02-14
Not to bad, please check your work for errors though

Rated with 
  by digitallabz 2012-02-13

Rated with 
  by davidjscox 2012-02-13
poor quality 

Rated with 
  by fenshony 2012-02-13
Grammatical errors. The article should have been very nice if it was properly proof read. My readers will not understand this article clearly, though the points in the article were okay. 

Rated with 
  by mattjb86 2012-02-12
Thank you for the article. There are some mistakes but I will fix them. 

Rated with 
  by digitallabz 2012-02-11

Rated with 
  by aponline 2012-02-11

Rated with 
  by awebdude 2012-02-11
not at the level i expected it to be. 

Rated with 
  by Kahthan 2012-02-11

Rated with 
  by templatepacks 2012-02-10
Good article, however some minor changes are needed. Next time please pay more attention to my request regarding formatting. Thank you. 

Rated with 
  by mycommerce 2012-02-09
poor knowledge of subject matter, spelling mistakes 
Responded with comment: You were totally wrong. There is no single spelling mistake in the article. Find a better excuse of rejecting article next time.  

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  by fanatical 2012-02-09
Excellent. Writer had clearly referred to site I am promoting and wrote something simple and sensible. Not the most sophisticated article, but there are no errors in grammar or sentence construction, and it all make sense. I can use it just as it is. 

Rated with 
  by beavl1 2012-02-09

Rated with 
  by foufoutom 2012-02-08
A couple spelling mistakes but the article is good, the writer shows evidence he either knows the topic (which not everybody does!) or did his research. I'm happy with the article! 

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  by FMLLC1 2012-02-08
Decent work I accept it thank you 

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