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Hi There! My name is Joanna and I moonlight as a blog and article writer. I am ecstatic to be part of iWriter and look forward to writing more in the near and distant future. Most of the topics I write about include love and relationships, how-tos, self improvement and occasional beauty and travel. I love to incorporate a little of my sense of humor in my articles when possible, but know when things need to be more formal. I am very open and responsive, so if there is anything you need, I am here to help! It will be my pleasure to make an attempt to write for you.

Thanks to iWriter writer justmesuzanne, I have adopted her rating system and policy of dealing with my rejected articles, especially since it is hard to maintain an ELITE iWriter status.

NOTE TO REQUESTERS: I retain copyright on all articles until they are reviewed, approved and paid. I reserve the right to use rejected articles elsewhere.


I use the following checklist system to rate requesters:

1. Clear instructions.
2. Working links to resources (if applicable).
3. Prompt review & payment.
4. Responsive communication (if applicable).
5. Constructive feedback.

Each quality is worth 1 star.

I appreciate requesters who rate using the following checklist:

1. Grammar
2. Spelling
3. Formatting
4. Compliance with request
5. Verity/value of content

Each quality should be valued at 1 star. Understand, that it is acceptable to refuse an article for any of the qualities listed or simply because you don't like it; however, there is no reason to downrate an article that complies with some or all of the conditions of this checklist. Please take the time to review articles in a systematic and verifiable manner, rather than destructively downrating without reason.


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