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Use what you have to get what you want. Every talent is a gift we are supposed to utilize s o that we may eradicate the bad times of life and see whether changes are possible.

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  by MarketChimp 2012-05-24 for Article: Sacred Heart Soup Diet- What You Should Know
Thank you 

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  by alistiars 2012-05-14 for Article: True Love
Well done, will use this for my Michipel Blog 

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  by impulsa43 2012-05-14 for Article: Why buy pool cues for sale from pool and billiards supplies
Nice Job! 

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  by impulsa43 2012-05-14 for Article: Reasons why you should buy a pool cue from poolandbilliardssupplies.com
well thought out, the writing is a little stiff for me, for a friendly tone no one really uses the terms commodities or provisions when talking about pool cues 
Responded with comment: Okay. It was fun but remember i have a right over the article and I can publish it anywhere else  

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  by millicentkande 2012-05-14 for Article: Cisco TelePresence SX20 Quick Set
not well written 

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  by GuidoK 2012-05-13 for Article: Pro's and cons of importing a car in the Netherlands
Bad english and a lot of it just isn't true 
Responded with comment: you can go ahead and write it in your own way... just say you never had time to do your work on the rules. THIEF AND A SCAMMER that is who you are. Your Keyword itself was fake written. Hope never to write your articles again  

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  by FixCredit 2012-05-12 for Article: Why you need to own a Hello kitty debit card

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  by MishaA 2012-05-12 for Article: Identify your routes and locations with Mapquest driving directions

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  by psygab 2012-05-12 for Article: Youtube to mp3: How to Information
Don't read my project instructions!
I need article about online converter, NO download software! 
Responded with comment: you rejected my article...OK...but have you any reason of doing that... SUCH SCAMMERS LIKE YOU SHOULD BE KICKED OUT OF IWRITER>>>>>DO IT YOURSELF....I still have a right to publish it somewhere else... 

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  by Joe268 2012-05-12 for Article: Types of loans anyone can easily get

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  by goingplaces 2012-05-12

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  by arun347 2012-05-11
Well written Article 

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  by IntoMarsOnline 2012-05-11

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  by catmat 2012-05-10

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  by johnhartie 2012-05-06
what is is with writers not reading instructions 

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  by linkorbit 2012-05-05

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  by mareta99 2012-05-05
Ok, good, thanks 

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  by nirlapi 2012-04-30

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  by blogpstr 2012-04-30

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  by ewoauseo 2012-04-30
What is that 

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  by DIPAYAN001 2012-04-30
these are not like iwriter 
Responded with comment: you are an idiot 

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  by jmorgan 2012-04-29
Okay but not great! 

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  by tat1973 2012-04-29
too generic 

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  by hqmw012 2012-04-29
instruction have not been followed and it doesn't flow well. 

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  by raffman999 2012-04-28
Not coherent.  

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