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  by groovyonlineinc 2012-02-19 for Article: GABA Supplement Review
Poor grammar. Some sentences should begin with an A or The, for instance. 

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  by AutoAgent 2012-02-17 for Article: GABA
GABA?? How this article has ANYTHING to do with Merceddes Benz in South Africa - i will never know!!  

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  by anthonylynch 2012-02-14 for Article: Hosting
not on target 
Responded with comment: ok. 

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  by paddleo 2012-02-14 for Article: Mastering

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  by Impro12 2012-02-14 for Article: hosting plan
this article is all about web hosting...has nothing to do with the niche or category for which I have requested. 
Responded with comment: ok..

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  by thinkalike 2012-02-13 for Article: The New Free Online Games

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  by tmac187 2012-02-12 for Article: The Treadmill Workout Ideas
Not readable 
Responded with comment: ok no probs.. 

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  by Kyrkviken 2012-02-09 for Article: Select the Right Golf Clothing
well done! 

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  by iw3track 2012-02-05 for Article: Select a Rent to Buy Property
This is no where related to my topic.Did you read the project title & keyword before writing? 
Responded with comment: I'm very sorry to send you the wrong article.. 

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  by voicerec 2012-02-04 for Article: Cheap Handbags - The Best Choice For You
Duplicate to the other article I rejected. Used wrong keyword. 
Responded with comment: Ok.. 

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  by centuryhouse 2012-02-03

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  by phast1 2012-01-03

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  by webwebwin 2011-12-29

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  by georgewoodman 2011-12-27
very good try but I will have to do a fair bit of editing 

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  by nagpayments 2011-12-26

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  by emcm80 2011-12-23

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  by hrostek 2011-12-23

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  by canvasgirl 2011-12-08
Thanks! Great job on the article. So glad I found this website. 

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  by neilcoleman78 2011-12-07
Excellent, five stars! 


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