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I am working as a freelancer since last two years. I just came to know about this website recently and started here. I have written website contents, SEO related articles promotional articles

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  by wendyh 2012-01-03 for Article: How to choose best engineering graduate schools: a students guide
article lacks good flow, seems to just be a collection of sentences 

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  by Bnet10 2012-01-02 for Article: The insight truth one should know about Avanda class action lawsuit

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  by shafferb1 2011-12-31 for Article: Need of a time saving juicer in this busy life
"Please be very careful with spelling and grammar or your article will be rejected."

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  by wstan50 2011-12-22 for Article: Know the source and reason of yeast infection to cure it in the best way
article doesn't flow, suggesting that it is poorly spun material.  

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  by pageplant 2011-12-10 for Article: Availability of Zodiac Sign Aries gifts8
not written well 


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