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  by mpsrps 2012-09-09 for Article: Online marketing strategies that work
I want this article to be spilt into another six articles, no change in wording but just split into six and then made a bit clear where one ends and the other one starts. So first articles will be about the subject, the other 5 will be about method. 
Responded with comment: why have u rejected my article idiot? 

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  by boling 2012-09-08 for Article: Garters

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  by malakapa 2011-12-15 for Article: Physiological and Psychological Benefits of Indian Head Massage
Responded with comment: Beware this guy is a miser! Im pretty sure he has used the article I wrote without paying me. Thats why I was wondering why people hate writing for him! 

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  by malakapa 2011-12-15 for Article: History of Indian Head Massage
Responded with comment: No reason to reject the article for 1 minor mistake! 

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  by malakapa 2011-12-13 for Article: Indian Head Massage and its benefits

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  by dan151 2011-09-15 for Article: Best winter warmers

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  by limskang 2011-09-10 for Article: Stop losing hair without hair loss medications!

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  by cstinchcombe 2011-09-09 for Article: Personalized gifts to make hey love you forever.
great article, thanks 

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  by dotcompals 2011-09-03 for Article: Enhance your brand with online marketing agency

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  by kitty118 2011-09-03 for Article: Best Western Hotel De La Place Lisieux
Good article 

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  by birdie28a 2011-09-03

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  by Steller 2011-08-28
The article does not even use my keyword once. The article is about the topic I requested. 
Responded with comment: Stupid guy! Why cant you write the article for yourself if you are so good at writing?  

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  by Siparker 2011-08-27

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  by tom@focuscamera.com 2011-08-26
thank you for the article. Maybe with mentioning some brands would be even better but overall very good, thank you. 


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