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I am a university student with a passion for writing. I take pride in my work and am always looking to please.

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  by bigkongz 2012-06-15 for Article: Treat your friends and yourself with a $1,000 Victoria Secret Voucher

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  by oceanview 2011-12-17 for Article: Enhance your vacation with Dominican Republic Excursions
This article was impresive. Good job. 

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  by wesleyr 2011-12-15 for Article: Braun series 7 helped me get a close shave even though I have sensitive skin
Reasonable article, thank you 

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  by jsalter 2011-12-15 for Article: Experience once in a lifetime wonder with african safari tours
Well done 

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  by jsalter 2011-12-15 for Article: Zone diet bars are the tastiest way to lose weight
well done 

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  by autopilot 2011-12-15 for Article: Using interval training to increase endurance
Awesome job, thank you. Great content, well written. 

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  by ulancer 2011-12-14 for Article: Become a better freelancer by being attentive to your clients needs
Great article but some grammatical errors and informal use of language. 

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  by jsalter 2011-12-14 for Article: The best college girl porn
very well done, thanks 

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  by jsalter 2011-12-14 for Article: Enjoy a vacation with cheap flights to hawaii
well done, thanks 

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  by gkersh 2011-12-14 for Article: Blankid, the 4 in 1 blanket, backpack, pillow, and plush animal
Thank you. Very good 

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  by joaffiliate 2011-12-14
Great stuff! Very happy would use again for sure... 

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  by thetrabs 2011-12-14
Sorry, poor use of English grammar. Also this article bears a very strong resemblance to work already written for this project.  

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  by superguy 2011-12-13
good article, thanks! 

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  by autopilot 2011-12-13
Perfect, thank you! 

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  by WineBoxGuy 2011-12-13
great, to the point, 

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  by cbsale 2011-12-12
Nice Job... A well written and researched article on a hard keyword.. A+ in my book  


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