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  by Gwynnley 2011-12-17
Thank you for your time and effort. Unfortunately, look spun as if you are unfamiliar with topic. However, it's clear, a topic you are familiar with, you would do a great job. 

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  by Raygun 2011-12-17
Nice article that we can use for the the use we requested. Fast turn-around too. Thanks. 

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  by tmac187 2011-12-17
Good article 

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  by katieb22z3 2011-12-17
Article started well, but become less targeted to my keyword. But the content is Good, and I can use it in the report I want to create. I would use this writer again. 

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  by oicgroup 2011-12-16
Well researched, structured, and written. Nicely done. 

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  by kinetik86 2011-12-16

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  by sylton 2011-12-16
Good Article! Just what I was looking for! 

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  by ri12ku2002 2011-12-15
nice i like content.  

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  by jea6035 2011-12-15

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  by Seth9h 2011-12-14
Project No Longer Needed 

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  by jackaranda 2011-12-14
The keyword phrase may have been too awkward, so I think the writer did a decent job working with it. I can polish and smooth it out. 

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  by jeffnaz 2011-12-13
good job 

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  by chrishaycock 2011-12-13
Rejected for the following reasons:

Would need to much re-writing
Sounds like the article has been 'spun'
Some sentences don't make sense
Grammar very dubious in places 

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  by namousse 2011-12-12
good writer ! 

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  by lawyersuccess 2011-12-12

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  by James blake 2011-12-12
Thank you for taking the time however we cant use this article as overall doesn't look natural UK English. The keywords have been stuffed and it doesn't flow, not UK English or spelling and needed more local knowledge. We sorry & appreciate your tim 

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  by kiongo9 2011-12-12

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  by bczark 2011-12-11

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  by revroger 2011-12-10
Thank you this will work well 

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  by digitallabz 2011-12-10
Did exactly what I asked for. Also a quick turn around time. 

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  by recipe 2011-12-10
Good attempt. But failed to deliver relevant key points 

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  by trioman 2011-12-09
This is a spun article and does not make sense 

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  by budkairos 2011-12-09
This article is exactly what I needed. The writer has done a great job and will be added to my list to utilize in the future. 

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  by mjd081 2011-12-09
Well written, but you repeated yourself a few times. I also already have a "Tricky interview questions" article on my site, that is why I asked writers to view my site before writing. I'd be happy to take another if you add some more content. 

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  by dsd-internet 2011-12-09
Probably not as good as i had hoped for but decent enough and time was important on this project for me. The loss of a star is for some poor grammar and a stunted flow here and there but this writer is definitely worth a go 

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