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  by sanset76 2012-04-05 for Article: Finding best dental plans for individuals

Rated with 
  by amawells 2012-03-08 for Article: 13th birthday party ideas-Create unforgettable memories for your kid
needs to work on grammar and word choice 

Rated with 
  by djparnell 2012-03-05 for Article: Some cheap family vacation ideas, which makes your life memorable
Poor grammar. 

Rated with 
  by happiness 2012-03-02 for Article: Be fit and healthy by eating weight loss food
Keyword is "weight loss food" not "weight loss foods". 
Responded with comment: Dear sir
Its ok but the key word you had given "weigh loss food" and what i had written " weight loss foods " is not effect while searching keywords.So it is not a reason to reject article  

Rated with 
  by oicgroup 2012-02-14 for Article: The concept of Paleo diet and its benefits to Athletes.
Sorry, there are just too many errors and empty sentences that have no validity.  

Rated with 
  by jstand 2012-02-12 for Article: Systematic Calculation of Caloric Intake to Lose Weight
"what wrong that is generally repeated?" garbage. I warned that I would reject if there were spelling /grammar problems. this is not fit for my website.
and just because you've almost doubled the requested word count don't mean your spun garbage wil 
Responded with comment: Hallo sir
I am surprised as you have rejected the article.Any way i didnt received the reason for it.If you still think that it is possible to make changes in the article, I will do the same as per your requirement and submit it again.

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  by mar3lica 2012-02-09 for Article: Basic information on obtaining school grants.

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  by affiliatelabel 2012-02-07 for Article: Enjoy the travelers paradise with cheap Mexico vacations.

Rated with 
  by binshu 2012-02-05 for Article: Canvas Art: New style in decorating your dream home.

Rated with 
  by djparnell 2012-02-01 for Article: Medical Assistant schools: Information on training and career opportunities

Rated with 
  by lewvin 2012-02-01
didnt make sense 

Rated with 
  by tmac187 2012-01-22
Good job! 

Rated with 
  by SteveM 2012-01-20
Sorry, poor quality. 

Rated with 
  by ganesh66 2012-01-19
Did not like... 

Rated with 
  by amawells 2012-01-15

Rated with 
  by brianzeng 2012-01-13
poor quality 

Rated with 
  by usville 2012-01-08
Dont like it 
Responded with comment: Hi , i will surely make it next time 

Rated with 
  by derekjones124 2012-01-05

Rated with 
  by intranet 2012-01-04

Rated with 
  by tfbpa1 2011-12-31
Sorry, but I have to correct too many things before I can use it. 

Rated with 
  by tfbpa1 2011-12-30

Rated with 
  by shafferb1 2011-12-29
Poor English grammar 
Responded with comment: Sorry sir, next time it will be fine 

Rated with 
  by RussNY 2011-12-28
Good article. Thanks. 

Rated with 
  by jimballard1 2011-12-27

Rated with 
  by jockster 2011-12-26
poor english and grammer 
Responded with comment: sorry I think i have not fulfilled your requirements this time. 

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