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  by joaffiliate 2011-12-28 for Article: Save nearly 10 to 25% with Halo ECigs Discount
Nice Job, thanks 

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  by Profetu66 2011-12-27 for Article: Discovering the Digital Alarm Clock
grammar issues 

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  by simplesequence 2011-12-26 for Article: Vegan Dansko a Perfect and Quality Choice
Well researched and followed the instructions. Unfortunately, there are too many grammatical errors. 

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  by mikec513 2011-12-26 for Article: Change your living style with wheelchair lifts and home modifications
poorly written with bad English 

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  by jockster 2011-12-26 for Article: Show the world your talent by creating your own website
poor english and grammer 

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  by joaffiliate 2011-12-26 for Article: Discovering the Electronic Cigarette with Halo ECigs Promo Code
finally a great article for this job! super, thanks! 

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  by randzbona 2011-12-25 for Article: Give life to your computer gaming by using Wireless Gaming Mice
basic necesssary

work environment. ??

one could easily get huge amount of stress and strain that could spoil your health and sleep.

hence, it is very important to get a break to keep your mind....

One of the relaxation procedures...

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  by pageplant 2011-12-24 for Article: Step into cost less HDTV service via TV Antenna Installers

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  by jockster 2011-12-24 for Article: Express yourself by making your own website

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  by suzaluh 2011-12-22 for Article: Discovering the Beauty with Arbonne
Very few grammatical errors and good overall content. 

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  by heygoto 2011-12-21
This article reads like a review and self-promotion and needs to be toned down before we can accept it. Thanks 

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  by Rolla1 2011-12-21
Not a good grasp of English grammar. Too much fluff. 

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  by mikeramsden100 2011-12-21
good article but it did contain a list of my competitors - try to avoid doing this in future!! 

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  by tomtom 2011-12-20
low keyword density 

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  by medgson 2011-12-19

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  by nj7206 2011-12-19

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  by slamy enough 2011-12-19


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