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  by RonnieK 2012-04-11 for Article: Three Running Products of The Year: Start Running For Health and Fitness
Missing other brand names to sound objective + some grammar errors 
Responded with comment: These could well have been corrected. Not, in my opinion, sufficient grounds to reject.  

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  by blasto 2012-04-11 for Article: Genuine Exquisite Venetian Mirrors
non saprei, non sembra veramente naturale.
senza dubbio un ottimo pezzo ma mi dispiace non posso accettarlo.

sorry my english not so good 
Responded with comment: No reason given for rejection. I agree with others here about this requester. writers should see some way to post about such requesters to warn writers about what they are in for when they take on assignments from this kind of guy.  

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  by charlin 2012-04-11 for Article: How to Get Kids To Enjoy Camping
This is a great article! Thanks! 

Rated with 
  by kalillen 2012-04-10 for Article: Qivana Promotes Entrepreneurship and Promises Satisfaction

Rated with 
  by webunlimited 2012-02-26 for Article: Manage Your Heavy Equipment Inventory With Online Auctions
This is just not of a quality that we can use; written in first party and that will be hard to edit it. Grammar usage indicates someone not completely familiar with English as primary langage. 

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  by angelo_grossi 2012-02-02 for Article: Right Fittings & Fixtures Lend Elegance And Value Addition to Homes

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  by trybpo 2012-02-02 for Article: Of The Top 7 Bed Sheet Brands Why Choose Charisma sheets?
this does not content specific info i need, sorry. please ready instructions carefully 

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  by eclipseseo 2012-02-01 for Article: Don't Panic If Involved In An Accident; Keep These Points In Mind Before Collision Repair
Comment was removed by admin

Rated with 
  by angelo_grossi 2012-01-30 for Article: Wallpaper Transforms Interiors: You Can Do It On Your Own

Rated with 
  by hisnibbs 2012-01-26 for Article: Home Computer Walton On Thames Repair
Poor walton on thames English. And spammy walton on thames use of walton on thames. 

Rated with 
  by Jerryl 2012-01-20
Hi, knowing quite a bit about drug addictions, I would have to disagree with 'Drug addictions are fatal.' If you would rewrite just a bit, and leave out all inclusive statements like that, I will accept the article. Most of the article is ok :) 
Responded with comment: You asked for some mods in order to accept the article. I would like to but just cannot find a way to edit and resubmit. can someone tell me? 

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  by srianto 2012-01-19
Please meet following article requirements and resubmit again:
1. The articles should tells :
- a brief about the product (keyword)
- pros and cons of product
- the conclusion/summary why we choose this product 

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  by leadsbyfone 2012-01-18

Rated with 
  by srianto 2012-01-17

Rated with 
  by leadsbyfone 2012-01-17

Rated with 
  by brianzeng 2012-01-16
not focus on keyword 
Responded with comment: I think I will stay away from Mr Brian Zeng. Other writers too have had work rejected on flimsy grounds.  

Rated with 
  by d60eba 2012-01-15
Didn't follow my instructions (didn't PM me for access details to the course). The article itself was OK though, hence 2 stars not 1.  
Responded with comment: Rejection is a prerogative, even if it is on trivial grounds but I take it constructively 

Rated with 
  by joaffiliate 2012-01-09


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