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  by mcapel 2011-09-03 for Article: Make Money
Completely Irrelevant! 

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  by dotcompals 2011-09-03 for Article: Site Web Design

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  by riaramos 2011-09-03 for Article:
it's not even an article it is just spam! 

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  by kboode 2011-09-03 for Article: Make High Social Traffic
The article is not about the topic requested, it contains several links(!) which is totally unacceptable and the english is poor. This is not an article that I can use anywhere. 

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  by harrybiz 2011-09-02 for Article: E - MONEY
This is not about the topic I requested and it is totally for his own promotion. I mean it has a link at the bottom of the article to what is probably his own affiliate link.

Would prefer not to work with this provider again.


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  by riaramos 2011-09-02 for Article: Free MMORPG
Not an article, it's just a repeated list of websites 

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  by CKinnon 2011-09-02 for Article:
Article is not relevant to keywords  

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  by sirfan 2011-09-02 for Article: Mobile Application Development
Horribly poor English! 

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  by alexbarak 2011-09-02 for Article: Proved Better than lottery system
Article is not relevant. its a promotion for the writer service and not the subject that been asked. looks like a spam 

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  by spiratechpm 2011-09-01 for Article: Network Marketing Software

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  by tutor88 2011-08-31
English not good enough 

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  by jtomkins 2011-08-29
More than half the word count is NOT connected with the main theme. Technologies for solar cells, like Silicon, Germanium, gallium arsenide, cadmium telluride, copper-indium-gallium arsenide etc and their negative impact on environment have not been  


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