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Smarajit Chowdhury
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I write articles for a few sites on various topics of my choice. I haven't written on requested articles so far, so this is my new venture. I will try my best to succeed.

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  by acmedia 2012-04-18 for Article: Effective methods of ankle sprain treatment
Article was written precisely and will use this author again for future projects... 

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  by barracuda150965 2012-03-28 for Article: The latest unreleased James Bond Movie, 'Skyfall'

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  by omeaart 2012-03-21 for Article: Information about India
Excellent article. Highly recommended. I am very pleasantly surprised. 

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  by Abboo1 2012-03-18 for Article: Benefits of Sports health and fitness
good article. 

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  by normsj 2012-02-27 for Article: Four steps to a much better Life

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  by Saverio 2012-01-19 for Article: How to feel good about yourself
Sorry, it's just not what I'm looking for. The writing is not natural or fluent to me, and the formatting is not what I'm looking for. I wanted headings, tips, or bullet points - not just paragraphs. 

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  by javid1985 2012-01-06 for Article: Few simple tips to improve your social life

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  by igotlink 2012-01-04 for Article: Use erotic toys and vibrators for a healthy sexual life

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  by stan19 2012-01-03 for Article: How to improve your memory in few simple ways

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  by geogeo 2012-01-01 for Article: Short Magazines are really worthy for online businesses
Very good, because of fast service and it's just what I wanted.  

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  by andihs 2011-12-26

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  by idoc4u 2011-12-24
thank you 


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