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"I have never sought the reason why I write", Said, Nathalie Sarraute ( A french Lawyer of Russian origin)

I share this feeling with her. I like to read and write, may be I am someone who is in love with words...

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  by shahchiragg 2013-06-20 for Article: Wireless Monitoring of the PV System
not as per our requirement 

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  by DrMatt 2012-08-07 for Article: Choosing the Best Medical Practice Management Software for Your Clinic
The grammar on this article is very poor - the use of plurals where it should be singular and vice versa, etc. Much of it does not make sense eg. "allow you and your staff to be updated on all your enormous data arises" - what does that mean?  

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  by TuNguyen 2012-08-07 for Article: Heaven Fresh HF Ionic Air Purifier Review
full of nonsense. 

Rated with 
  by steve.stretton 2012-08-04 for Article: Secret to lasting success- Rewrite

Rated with 
  by FishWriter 2012-08-02 for Article: Home Page - Rewrite

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  by uksolutions 2012-08-01 for Article: PaydayLoansDaddy.com- Rewrite
Poorly written  

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  by steve.stretton 2012-07-29 for Article: Instagram Popular Page Rules- Rewrite

Rated with 
  by jdblewitt 2012-07-28 for Article: Blockbuster Total Access Review

Rated with 
  by steve.stretton 2012-07-28 for Article: Tips To Help You Get on Popular Page on Instagram

Rated with 
  by FishWriter 2012-07-26 for Article: Note:As it looks like 3 parts, I have given 3 titles in the body

Rated with 
  by jdblewitt 2012-07-25
Great as always. 

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  by yelkan 2012-07-10
Once again very impressive 

Rated with 
  by yelkan 2012-07-08
Good one  

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  by shashik 2012-05-29
Not what was looking for. 

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  by annie1 2012-04-28
copied article 
Responded with comment: This is not a copied article. I had written it and it was rejected by the requester named 'lonaraymond'. In case she used it, she is violating since I have not transferred the rights of the article. I will take up this issue with administrator. 

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  by kalillen 2012-04-27
Sorry but not what I am looking for 

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  by lonaraymond 2012-04-27
kindly put more keyword subtitles and then resubmit. Also remove overview and focus on reviw only. Will give you 5 star. Thanks. 

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  by humphca 2012-04-24
great work as usual. thanks for the quick turn around. 

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  by john66 2012-04-20
Article is too long and poor grammar 

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  by humphca 2012-04-19
Thank you for the great work as usual. I saw your note at the bottom, thank you for your attention to detail. greatly appreciated. 

Rated with 
  by toepax 2012-04-17

Rated with 
  by webular 2012-04-17

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  by humphca 2012-03-21
Thank you! 

Rated with 
  by akelly 2012-03-18
Many grammatical errors, too many for efficient editing. 

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  by smerendi 2012-03-17
thanks but already sourced from elsewhere 
Responded with comment: Its alright to reject if you've got this work done already. But one star? It is not the mistake of the writer. It affects the whole rating. Don't do this to other writers.
If you've got the work done already remove it from the queue. It saves time 

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