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  by essiomarketing 2012-01-25 for Article: All about Pallet Racking
Yeah great 

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  by thecrusader 2012-01-21 for Article: How to Create Vegetable Juice Recipes
Mostly okay but too similar to original article. Needs more differentiation while keeping the content and essence of the article. 
Responded with comment: Thank you... 

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  by SammyJayJay 2012-01-08 for Article: Useful Heartburn Remedies
This is good except you forgot to include the primary keyword in the body. 

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  by LeaOz7 2012-01-08 for Article: Clearing Clutter From Your Life
Great article. Well written and researched. Thanks for following my instructions. Lea :-) 

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  by shafferb1 2012-01-02 for Article: Juicer Reviews

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  by JoshuaZamora 2012-01-02 for Article: Inflatable Boats
A few gramatical errors but overall great article. Thanks 

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  by shafferb1 2012-01-01 for Article: About Tu b'Shvat seder

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  by shafferb1 2011-12-31 for Article: Juicer Recipes

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  by jsmcrae 2011-12-29 for Article: Atlanta Traffic Lawyer
Misspellings, grammar mistakes, doesn't make sense. 
Responded with comment: Thank you for the correction. 


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