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I am a registered nurse, but previously worked as a call center agent. Currently, I am working as a freelance writer and an English tutor for Japanese students.

I still want to be a nurse, but I'd rather be a professional chef and business woman in the future.

I took an IELTS last Feb 9, 2012. The results are as follows:
Listening - 8.5
Reading - 8.5
Writing - 8.5
Speaking - 8.0
Overall band score - 8.5
(Note: Highest possible score for every subtest is 9.0. You can check with IELTS to verify my result.)

I decided to join iWriter to be productive during my free time.

I love writing about the following topics:
*health and fitness
*food and drinks

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  by msf415 2012-04-15 for Article: Hair Loss Forums

Rated with 
  by mikelinley 2012-04-14 for Article: Why Mexican Food is Popular

Rated with 
  by tylerherman 2012-04-14 for Article: Origin of Black Tea and How It Is Produced

Rated with 
  by tarunaoils 2012-04-13 for Article: Introduction to Vegetarian Diet: What It Is and What You Get Out of It

Rated with 
  by dsteam 2012-04-11 for Article: Natural Weed Killer for Lawns

Rated with 
  by vitanet 2012-04-11 for Article: What Does Taurine Do for the Brain And Body?

Rated with 
  by Laurie 2012-04-03 for Article: Top 5 Best Herbs for Dried Wreaths
Great Just what I was looking for! 

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  by rbuckles 2012-03-18 for Article: How Parents Discipline You Makes You A Spirit-filled Person
Doesn't fit with my intent. 

Rated with 
  by Detangled 2012-03-16 for Article: Useful Time Management Tips

Rated with 
  by jsmith2482 2012-03-15 for Article: Chlorella Benefits and Side Effects
The grammar is off preventing the article from flowing naturally. 
Responded with comment: show me which part is gramatically incorrect. 

Rated with 
  by deehotom 2012-03-14
Well written, informative article 

Rated with 
  by NatashaTEAM 2012-03-14

Rated with 
  by docjamesmd 2012-03-12
The article was about nutrition not weight gain. 
Responded with comment: special instructions lack details and misleading. 

Rated with 
  by Julieann1 2012-03-12

Rated with 
  by fated82 2012-03-10

Rated with 
  by sehwag 2012-03-09
Sorry friend your article contents are not enough for the approval.. 

Rated with 
  by mikelinley 2012-03-09

Rated with 
  by lauramac 2012-03-09
Good basic information about stress relief, but not focusing on stress relief and heart health as needed for the stated website. 
Responded with comment: special instructions did not clearly emphasize that the article should be about stress relief for heart health. 

Rated with 
  by dsteam 2012-03-09
Excellent article... followed my directions to the T... will be working with this writer in the future. 

Rated with 
  by vanished 2012-03-07

Rated with 
  by wallyworldwf 2012-01-23
Directions not followed. 
Responded with comment: My mistake. I'll be more careful next time. 

Rated with 
  by mhundle 2011-10-04
A well written article - thanks 

Rated with 
  by jaegerlc 2011-09-14
Thank you! You've done a great job. This is exactly what we asked for - a thoughtful and entertaining post related to the information provided. 

Rated with 
  by twonny 2011-09-11

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  by henryv 2011-09-11

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