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  by kzwriter 2012-01-12 for Article: HOW TO IDENTIFY A NETWORK MARKETING SCAM ONLINE
While it appears to be well researched, the writing was not up to acceptable quality standards and suffers from numerous grammatical and spelling mistakes.  

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  by joycel 2012-01-11 for Article: A HEALTHY SKIN THROUGH AN ALOE VERA.
Grammar is not very good in places. Also, some of the statements made about Aloe Vera are myths. 

Rated with 
  by vutha123 2012-01-11 for Article: ONLINE PHYSICAL THERAPY ASSITANT PROGRAMS

Rated with 
  by brendam 2012-01-11 for Article: HOW TO CHOOSE A GOOD CHIROPRACTOR
Parts of the article make no sense and basic words are misspelled. 

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  by malenemb 2012-01-11 for Article: THE BEST OF CHEB HASNI
Great article 

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  by charles 2012-01-11 for Article: YOUR ONE STOP PLACE FOR ALL YOUR FLORAL NEEDS

Sorry, but it doesn't follow the format of the article requested. We need an Introduction, 3 Keywords Paragraphs & a Conclusion. The keyword has to be mentioned 3 times in each paragraph. No big words or poetic content, it has to be simple.  
Responded with comment: I dont understand why it was rejected ? No, you can tell me it never followed the pattern 

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  by uppway 2012-01-11 for Article: THE VIDEO RESUME
Looking more of a blog type of post.. 

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  by vutha123 2012-01-11 for Article: HOW MUCH TO EARN AS A PHYSICAL THERAPIST TECHNICIAN
I would like to reject this article because this article is not related to my key words. My article title that i need is "physical therapy schools in california".

I sent all 5 different titles that i needed.

Thanks for your writing. 
Responded with comment: thanks anyway, i was a little bit skeptical about what to write 

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  by malenemb 2012-01-11 for Article: THE BENEFITS OF AN APPLE TO THE DOG
Great article and great research 

Rated with 
  by vutha123 2012-01-11 for Article: WAYS OF BEING A GOOD PHYSICAL THERAPIST ASSISTANT

Rated with 
  by n.weston1 2012-01-10

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  by ts150ts 2011-12-30
doesnt make sense 
Responded with comment: I dont know why it was rejected ? Telling me it does not make sense is absolutely absurd but i hope i dont see it or else............................ 

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  by hisham78 2011-12-30
Interesting article, however it needs to be focused and straight to the point, how is this tea going to help me lose weight and the health benefits. The buyer needs those questions answered right away in order to be convinced that this tea is great! 
Responded with comment: Thanks  

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  by imarketer7 2011-12-30
Not the quality requested.  
Responded with comment: Hah, too much of an article rejected ? Wow. IWriter is great. 

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  by mishdog 2011-12-30
Not on topic, about acne! Spamming people trying to get stuff auto approved. 
Responded with comment: i will improve, no problem but your response was quick anyway.


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