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  by trybpo 2012-01-08 for Article: The User Friendly Perspective Of Raptor Trucks
sorry, can't use this. you were supposed to talk about "raptor truck maintenance" yet, you wrote about trucks in general, which is far from the info i need. you write well though, you just have to follow instructions 

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  by alex58 2012-01-08 for Article: Formats of Modern Poker
I needed an introduction to a new blog and not an explanation about poker 

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  by rodder7 2012-01-08 for Article: Buenos Aires- The Profile of The City

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  by charles 2012-01-07 for Article: Flower arrangements and delivery
This article is not about flower deliveries to Alcobendas and does not use the keywords we requested. 
Responded with comment: No content was available on the keyword to take reference from 

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  by ppcguy 2012-01-06 for Article: Telescopes of Today
good job:) 

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  by wendyh 2012-01-03 for Article: Getting Friendly With Periodic Table


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