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marina garcia
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Very detail oriented person. My interest is making short stories longer.

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  by chrishaycock 2012-01-24 for Article: 3 Doors Down
Spelling and English language are extremely poor. 

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  by Hjalte81 2012-01-22 for Article: Do I Have Any Warrants For My Arrest?

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  by usville 2012-01-22 for Article: Advantage With Direct TV Internet
grammar issues 
Responded with comment: Alright. 

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  by 277websitedesign 2012-01-20 for Article: Friendly San Bernardino Automotive Service
Nice. Thanks. 

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  by contentseek 2012-01-19 for Article:
I'm sorry, but the article lacks coherence and there were too many grammatical mistakes that it would take me more time to fix them. 
Responded with comment: did well. title is important too though! 

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  by usville 2012-01-13 for Article: HughesNet Satellite Internet
Did not like. 
Responded with comment: well done? 


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