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Freelance writer who specializes in writing SEO-optimized articles, press releases, and website/movie/product reviews. Favorite topics include social media marketing, finance, photography, SEO, gaming, open source software, literature, and visual arts.

**I accept special requests that are at Premium or Elite levels only. No Standard level requests please.

**All of my articles are thoroughly-researched and 100% plagiarism-free. Check out my ratings. I can also provide writing samples upon request.

**I do take my work seriously. Please don't hesitate to return articles for revision if you find them wanting; I'll promptly edit or even rewrite everything for you. Just don't give out low ratings with nary a chance for revision.

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  by ygfhelper 23h 52m ago for Article: When an Internet Marketing Plan Goes Wrong
I can relate! Nice Job. 

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  by dealerlink 1d 11h 46m ago for Article: Going Viral: Things that a Good Online Marketing Campaign Should Avoid
Excellent article adding you to my favorites. 

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  by DunnContentProductions 1d 22h 9m ago for Article: What You Need to Know About Oven Maintenance and Repair
Well-written but the information was too general.  

Rated with 
  by thomass 2d 1h 40m ago for Article: Cedar Shingles Roof Installation - Essential Facts
Great article, thanks 

Rated with 
  by thomass 2d 1h 44m ago for Article: Cedar Shingles Versus Cedar Shakes
Excellent article 

Rated with 
  by thomass 2d 19h 52m ago for Article: Green Oak Beams in the World of Construction
Well researched article, thanks 

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  by thomass 2d 20h 42m ago for Article: Interesting Facts About Using Green Oak in Construction
Another great article 

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  by thomass 2d 20h 43m ago for Article: Oak Sleepers 101
Perfect article 

Rated with 
  by thomass 2d 20h 43m ago for Article: Things to Ponder Before Using Reclaimed Oak Beams
Very good article 

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  by thomass 3d 1h 42m ago for Article: A Few Pointers on Oak Timber Care and Restoration
Great Article 

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  by JMantis 3d 16h 55m ago
Well written article, top quality. 

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  by silentgrapevine 6d 19h 7m ago
Amazing job and did some excellent research!  

Rated with 
  by JMantis 2014-07-18
Well researched, quality article. Thanks again! 

Rated with 
  by glonka 2014-07-17
Well done. Thanks.  

Rated with 
  by stevemca 2014-07-17
Thank you for your article! 

Rated with 
  by take1marketing 2014-07-16

Rated with 
  by JMantis 2014-07-14
Very informative and quality article! 

Rated with 
  by take1marketing 2014-07-13
Nice job thanks very much! 

Rated with 
  by alex1030 2014-07-09

Rated with 
  by JMantis 2014-07-08
I like your writing style, I'd be happy to hire you again! 

Rated with 
  by take1marketing 2014-07-08
Awesome job! Sounds great. 

Rated with 
  by ThreadsNLaces 2014-07-07
Nice work with this article. Thanks :) 

Rated with 
  by JMantis 2014-07-06
Great piece of writing! 

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  by nyxincorporated 2014-07-02
thank you 

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  by RMKStudios 2014-07-02

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