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**AT THIS TIME I AM NOT TAKING STANDARD ARTICLES** Only Elite articles, and I will CONSIDER some Premium articles, but my minimum writing rate is based on elite article pricing. I do not have time to write for less than that, and I feel I give more than that in value. Thank you.

I am a veterinary technician by profession with over 15 years experience, and currently mommy to three canines who are the love of my life. I have always had a love - and knack - for writing and try to do it whenever I can. I love blogging & working on websites, mine or someone else's. I'm also a semi-professional concert and creative photographer, team Nikon, with a love of most types of music. I have provided live music reviews, photos and CD reviews for a number of websites in the past.

I will generally only take on assignments that I have experience with/knowledge of in whatever way, so I will definitely give you something that is worth reading. Occasionally I will take on something new to me if I have an interest in the subject, and I will do the required research. If I feel I can't do the assignment I'll tell you, rather than waste your money submitting something low-quality.

Feel free to contact me for direct assignments or with any questions about anything that I have written for you. If you need any edits or changes, just let me know - I will make them and re-send the article to you.


- I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH - if you receive something from me that is not satisfactory, CONTACT ME, give me direction, and let me fix it before giving me a low rating. I'm very proud of my writer rating, and I will put in the required effort to keep it.

- US Eastern Time Zone.
- Native US English writer; excellent grammar and paragraphing skills.

- I need more time than a lot of writers to complete your jobs - I do not just pump out article after article like a machine. All of my articles are very complete and personal when necessary. I also fight with ADD and anxiety, so sometimes the words are just not going to come, and I put it away for a few hours. THIS IS HOW I WRITE. If this is a problem for you, then please hire someone else. I do think that in the end my clients are highly satisfied with the writing that I do give them when I am not rushed. Even though this is a timer-based site, timers do not work for me. I am a good candidate for clients who are not in any hurry, or who can plan far enough ahead as to give me assignments before they actually need them.

- If you are a regular client that I am actively writing for, I will notify you ahead of time about days that I may need to be away from my computer so we can plan accordingly to get your needs met.
- I ask a LOT of questions via email when I am unsure of exactly what is being requested, or if I need clarification on something; I don't like to write until I know exactly what it is that is requested, and I find that most clients do not/are not able to provide enough direction in their initial orders, so I ask.
- I sometimes give a bit more than the required word count. I like my articles to sound complete, rather than like a bunch of information being stuffed together just to make a word count.
- Writing a lot in the pet and home improvement fields at the moment so I'm very interested in those types of articles.


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