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  by sparish75 2012-02-12 for Article: IS FRENCH HARD TO LEARN
Great article, thanks 

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  by emmamba 2012-01-31 for Article: MAKING MONEY ONLINE
Thanks for the article 

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  by svornholt 2012-01-30 for Article: ATM MACHINE BUSINESS

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  by trevord92 2012-01-28 for Article: LEARN WHILE SLEEPING
Doesn't flow, lots of spelling mistakes. 
Responded with comment: The requester has zero knowledge of the power of keywords and keyword-related words (probably prefers flawless articles than millions of visitors).

Poor guy. 

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  by simplesequence 2012-01-27 for Article: WEDDING CHECKLIST PRINTABLE
Thank you for taking the time to write this article! There only a few minor grammatical errors that will only take a few minutes for me to correct. Thank you! 

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  by tbgseo 2012-01-27 for Article: WEBSITE CONSULTANT FOR ONLINE BUSINESS
I need this web content to be more informative, rather than telling a story, as it is meant to tell potential customers what exactly an SEO consultant can do. The writing itself was generally good, it just wasn't right on topic. 

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  by affiliatelabel 2012-01-27 for Article: HOW TO GET A DOMAIN

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  by shanemackintosh 2012-01-26 for Article: BECOMING A FATHER

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  by robyng 2012-01-26 for Article: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY
Thank you 

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  by crespom 2012-01-26 for Article: LOGO DESIGN ONLINE
Good article. 

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  by robyng 2012-01-25
Thank you that is good 

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  by kjellanderton 2012-01-25
This article is badly written and is of no interest whatsoever. It just waffles on. 

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  by sdimas 2012-01-25
I rejected your article because it very hard to read and understand. You are using very long sentances. The article is'nt continious with ideas.  

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  by marius38 2012-01-24
thanks looks very good 


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