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Alexander Eliot has been a professional copywriter and journalist since 2007. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in English literature and Philosophy from the University of Cincinnati. His fields of expertise include business, online marketing, SEO, automotive, education, science, technology and reviews. Additionally, he has written full-length feature pieces for clients incl. The Learning Annex, The Howling Fantods, NewYork Online, The World Poetry Movement Organization, Pynchon Wiki, and many others.

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  by freshhelper 2014-06-13 for Article: A Guide to Fort Riley's Military Museums

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  by MWHTEH 2014-06-07 for Article: What Is Real Estate Investing?

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  by robbymorton 2014-05-30 for Article: Watch Dogs: The Story

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  by eclipseseo 2014-05-25 for Article: The Art of Auto-Body Repair
Excellent, thank you. 

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  by iburgess007 2014-05-24 for Article: Five Strategies to Help You Lose Weight Fast
article does not capture the reader’s attention; nor stir up their emotions plus does not engage with the reader in the content (article is to be conversational). plus Keyword only appears once. None of my specific requirements were met. 

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  by stevedaley 2014-02-22 for Article: Band Recognition: Using Custom Screen-Printed T-Shirts to Promote Your Music
Nicely written article with very good TAT. 

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  by belle_isuccesshub 2014-02-04 for Article: Social Media Marketing 101: How to Make Your Brand Go Viral on Facebook
Great work. Thanks! 

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  by ctantaro 2014-02-02 for Article: My Experience With an Online Tarot Reading Using the Thoth Deck
Great Article 

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  by dougmm7261 2014-02-01 for Article: A Brief History and Explanation of Behavior Analysis
Awesome!!! Excellent job!! Thank you!! 


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