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I have degree in healthy science

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  by Xcemption 2012-02-12 for Article: Super 8
Doesnt make sense 

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  by sherin 2012-02-11 for Article: Kate Spade iphone Cases
There are a lot of spelling and grammar errors. 
Responded with comment: everything you wanted in that article why rejected, unfair rating 

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  by trevord92 2012-02-11 for Article:
Poor sentence structure/grammar that wouldn't make sense without lots of tidying e.g. "in a nicely clean green parks" 
Responded with comment: I wrote the article exactly how you wanted why did you reject it, its not right 

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  by rankchecker 2012-02-10 for Article: Kindle is the new Era Device

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  by Sallysdream 2012-02-09 for Article: The Number One Kid Freindly Tea
not read instructions properly.  
Responded with comment: why i wrote everything you wanted, review again. 

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  by sinisinc 2012-02-08 for Article:

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  by 4thekids 2012-01-31 for Article: Anatex waiting room toys
Poor grammar and sentence structure. 
Responded with comment: what is bad about it 

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  by vp1234 2012-01-30 for Article: Foods Low in Carbohydrates List
good, please fix some grammar for next time. thank you 

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  by Blogertize 2012-01-28 for Article:
Sorry, you'd need to substantially edit up the grammar and typos. Your review was fine, but the draft is very first draft. 

Rated with 
  by wolfebet 2012-01-27 for Article: Dry Skin Patches on Face

Rated with 
  by WritingMarketer 2012-01-23
Directions weren't followed, punctuation/capitalization incorrect or missing altogether, and several grammar issues. 
Responded with comment: Do you need me to correct the typo 


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