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My name is Ra'el Valeri. I am a Moroccan-American, and have lived in this country for 30 years. I am a fluent English speaker, versed in international, and many regional American dialects thereof.

One of my primary occupations is a freelance software developer, but on top of that, I also write, draw and animate.

I am a trained SEO writer, and am also versed in various techniques for journalistic and content blogging, as well as general website content composition. I am also skilled in essay and report composition.

I have an interest in, and therefore also an interest in writing science fiction, horror and psychological suspense material as well.

At the risk of waxing prideful, I consider myself very well-read.

I possess the latest versions of Microsoft Office, as well as Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is a very intuitive and powerful speech-to-text suite which allows me to write quickly, and ensure through hearing it as I write that my writing sounds proper and possesses the right verve while composing it.

* LSI. It costs me more time to research them than an article pays.
* Anything that takes me more than an hour to read or watch before reviewing it - once more, this reduces my profitability to margins of pointlessness, sorry.
* Anything religious.
* This will sound snobbish but it isn't meant to be - I don't take basic articles. Premium or Elite only. The basic articles aren't profitable. They're just not. So expect me to reject any special requests for those. Sorry.

P.S.: Stop being malicious with your rejections, people. Thanks.


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