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I am an 18 year old IB (International Baccalaureate) student, living and studying in Italy.

Despite my young age, I am actually an amazing writer. Many people call it a gift from the powers that be; the fact that I can manipulate words to fit any situation is no easy feat.

For all the wary possible-employers, I am currently in the process of acquiring a Cambridge Proficiency Certificate (CPC) which is the most advanced English language certificate out there to date.

I look forward to writing many articles here at iWriter, along with finally being able to montetize on my talent.

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  by rizwanpk 2013-01-26 for Article: Thinking of having a child in the United States?
its not acceptable 

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  by Roberto7 2013-01-26 for Article: Electric 'Charge' Sunglasses: A 5 out of 5 Choice for any Customer
Bad readability, some errors in style 
Responded with comment: Funny, I let my English teacher read this who said readability and style were perfect. Maybe you just read the first 2 sentences and skimmed through the rest? In any case, it is your loss. 

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  by imarket247 2013-01-25 for Article: People With A Disability Have A Chance Too!
Very good. 

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  by truepotentialgroup 2012-08-03 for Article: Ancient Predator: from Hollywood to your home!
poor spelling 

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  by asacajiu 2012-02-13 for Article: Having a masters in nursing
spellcheck was required! 
Responded with comment: In conlusion, everything else was perfect. Spelling and grammar were good. Giving me a 1* rating over 1,25$ was a real d*ck move, especially because now my reputation is under 4 stars. So thank you very much and have a wonderful, magical day. Prick. 

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  by asacajiu 2012-02-13 for Article: Acquiring a masters degree in nursing
Redundant: "require other prerequisites." "There is always time to study" is simply not true--you say so yourself when you point out that free time is needed in order to get the degree.

"World" is not a proper noun and shouldn't be capitalized. 
Responded with comment: There IS always time to study. I work, I write on iWriter and I go to school. I even have exams in a few months. Also, writing "world" with a capital W was a typo; MSWords fault. You could have easily corrected it yourself. To be continued 

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  by josip 2012-02-13 for Article: About Us

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  by bromar 2012-02-10 for Article: We are changing our autoresponder service!
Nicely donr... 

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  by asacajiu 2012-02-09 for Article: Are you looking for an online accounting degree?

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  by deancow 2012-02-08 for Article: A whole new level in gambling: Labrokes Goal Rush
poor grammer and poorly researched 
Responded with comment: My grammar was perfect. So were my 10 minutes of research. Maybe if you had specified what you wanted instead of writing "blog post", I would have written the article accordingly. To all other writers: don't write for this guy. 

Rated with 
  by shikiar 2012-02-08

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  by angelo_grossi 2012-02-07


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