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I've been running a blogsite for more than 3 years now. My blogsite is mostly about my personal journey and experiences and a little bit of reviews on movies, videos, TV shows and celebrities.

I'm fond of writing and have been writing in school papers since High School. I'm more into writing about personal stuff, entertainment and lifestyle but would like to learn more how to write about technical stuff


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  by oursites 2013-08-26 for Article: A Season of Changes: NFL 2013
good job 

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  by avi007 2012-03-14 for Article: Looking for Low-Rate Cruises?
Great article! Everything was done to my specs! 

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  by intenseblog 2012-03-09 for Article: Japanese Festivities and Celebrations for Travelers to enjoy

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  by stefffff 2012-03-06 for Article:
thanks, great writing skill 

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  by Niklec 2012-03-06 for Article:

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  by ciaranedge 2012-03-01 for Article:

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  by intenseblog 2012-02-24 for Article: 10 Best Vacation Spots in the USA

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  by DieselViper 2012-02-23 for Article: Be your own dream fighter!
Thank you, Grammar needs a bit of work and repeated phrases are a bit much.. 

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  by sanhal 2012-02-22 for Article: Mexican Cuisine in Dallas
Great article written as I requested. 

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  by Travelwriter 2012-02-21 for Article: Liverpool, here I come!
The article doesn't go into enough detail about the things to do, such as which bars to drink in or to go on the stadium tours at Liverpool and Everton, or anything about the Liverpool One shopping centre.

Good as an overview but not what I'm afte 
Responded with comment: if you're looking for too much detail that people can look into google, 500 is definitely not enough. that's all I can say 

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  by bstbiz 2012-02-21
Thanks :) 

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  by alsh3rn 2012-02-18
Great article! Love your style of writing. Look forward to working with you again! Thanks! 

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  by shorty606 2012-02-17
Brilliant article! Quite an unusual spin on things. 

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  by Xcemption 2012-02-13
Please read through doesnt make sense 
Responded with comment: I had someone who hasn't seen the movie read my article and actually got the story. I'm not quite sure how you find this as "does not make sense". It was worth a try anyway. 

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  by alsh3rn 2012-02-12
Enjoyed reading the article. Well written! 

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  by adbovie 2012-02-11

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  by adbovie 2012-02-10


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