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I don't know HTML and am just now learning what SEO is. I do not guarantee to be an expert on everything; I am, as they say, an inch deep and a mile wide. I am, however, particularly skilled in government, fraud, laws, community relations, public service, municipalities, women and children's issues (esp. with regards to domestic violence/assault, criminal sexual conduct, personal safety, etc.), self-defense, home-improvement and music. If you are looking for quality in these areas, you shouldn't look any further than right here.

I have extremely high standards with regards to spelling, grammar, sentence structure and content. If I do not know something about the topic, i will research it until I am comfortable talking about it and "selling" it.

Once I get established, I will be looking for return requesters that will seek me out because they are aware of my fact-driven, research-quality content and know that they need not go anywhere else.

Thank you for reading.


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