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I have degree in health and I like to write general articles

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  by raybse 2012-03-25 for Article: Immortality Chaga Mushrooms
Title was changed? 

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  by jsmith2482 2012-03-14 for Article: Chlorella Numersou Benefits
It was written too professional and not friendly at all, in my opinion. The grammar also want not correct at a few spots and it read like a beginner SEO article. Not something that I want. 
Responded with comment: exactly what you request I WROTE 

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  by irusly 2012-03-04 for Article: The Girl Who Played with Fire
article not "Each 100 words must contain keyword" 
Responded with comment: all the lines as you want so why 

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  by gacott 2012-02-28 for Article: Oxytocin Factor the Cure for the Sleepless Nights
I'm sorry, it is written well enough but you literally never even used the keyword. 
Responded with comment: taking long time to say no? 

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  by dennis09 2012-02-27 for Article: No Carbs Foods List

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  by hongrosaonline 2012-02-25 for Article: Should I buy an ipad
That's good for me 

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  by syerxa 2012-02-23 for Article: Vitamin d Deficiency Symptoms in Women
Does not follow requested keyword density.  
Responded with comment: If you wanted more detailed or organized in a way different, mention it. thanks 

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  by alchemy101group 2012-02-22 for Article: Strain Vs Sprain

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  by DieselViper 2012-02-20 for Article: Kingdoms of Amalur Xbox 360
Hi There, Thank you for the article.

However i read through the article and it does not make sense and is not well laid out :(

Please revise and make sure it is well laid out and makes sense.. 
Responded with comment: You rejected without reading even. 

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  by bachir 2012-02-18 for Article: Nivea Visag Anti Aging Q 10

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  by keative 2012-02-18
Bad grammar and not readable. 
Responded with comment: why took long time to not approve?

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  by ruthlee1 2012-02-16

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  by GreenZ52 2012-02-16
Content is fine but the writing is a little choppy. 

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  by dreamsfly 2012-02-14
Well done. A few spelling errors and grammar, and overall I will use this. Thank you. 

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  by zoinks 2012-02-13

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  by vutha123 2012-02-13


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