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I am a savvy senior citizen with eclectic tastes and behaviors. My peers and friends think I am a very unique.

Writing was always in my dreams the past 72 years, but life and a career involving data processing and the analytical, logical side of my brain got in the way. Now that I am retired, and very internet literate for an old gal, I am searching for ways to supplement my income with writing. The money I have made from content writing here and on other sites, has whet my appetite for bigger and better things.

I was a hairdresser in my 20s and 30s while I was a stay at home Mom, then after taking college courses I worked in Data Processing for 30 years, everything from data entry to computer programming and analyzing and was the Admin Asst to the VP and CIO of a large computer department. I also was an entrepreneur and owned a resale shop, evolving into costume rentals for a couple years, I have been a community theatre actress, theatrical costumer and all around theatre person for 10 years, and was an assistant to non-profit development directors and real estate agents. I buy and sell vintage lingerie and other collectibles on eBay sometimes and I am a prolific reader. I collect primitive and unusual cat figurines and vintage mexican dolls.

I am single, have 2 big male cats, live in a modest mobile home in an over 55 park in the Valley of the Sun, Mesa AZ where the sunshine keeps us happy! I am active here writing the newsletter, decorating the clubhouse and helping with social functions and the library.

Both my grown daughters and all four of my grown and almost-grown grandchildren live here as well, so I am fortunate to have family close. I lost my son at age 48 last year to a lifetime bout with alcoholism, so I have endured one of life's biggest pains. I have written an ebook called "Mother of an Alcoholic," that is available on Amazon kindle plus some fiction.

This past summer I won honorable mention in a short humorous story contest about my 3-day stay in the hospital following surgery. My first award in writing and very proud of it.

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  by DatingMag 2013-05-15 for Article: My Internet Dating Experiences starting at age 57
can't use it i'm afraid 

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  by alexseo 2013-05-08 for Article: Costumes Inspired by Asia
Hi, I'm sorry, but it's not quite what I wanted. Thanks for giving it a go. 

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  by gabainc 2013-05-05 for Article: Jump Start Your Nursing Career by Attending the Best Accredited Nursing School Possible

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  by larryking 2013-04-30 for Article: The costs of Laser Liposuction
not as good as i expected 

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  by rob24hrs 2013-04-08 for Article: Zeppelin Raids over North East England in WWI
London and Great Yarmouth are not North East England. 
Responded with comment: I did an accurate account of the Zeppelin raids over England...because the requestor said North East England he rejected it...I wrote the truth, I found no other raids 

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  by TechSense 2013-02-19 for Article: GU10 LED Bulbs are a Great Replacement for Incandescent and Halogen
Too many meaningless content. The article should focus on the keywords. 

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  by limaromeo 2012-12-31 for Article: ROP Classes in Finance & Business -- An Alternative Education Option

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  by rerryn02 2012-12-28 for Article: Cuisinart FCT-13 Perfect Choice for Gift Card Shopping
Comment was removed by admin

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  by cashreview 2012-09-07 for Article: Self Publishing on Kindle is Easy and Profitable
Very nicely done, thanks! 

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  by dazmanda 2012-09-05 for Article: Unique Baby Girl Name Ideas
Well written article, followed brief very well 

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  by physemp 2012-09-05
The semantics are a bit strange! Otherwise this is good for our purposes.  

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  by tobytobywriter 2012-09-01
I said, questions only.. this is not an article. I need no introduction and blah blahs 
Responded with comment: This requestor does not know the rules...he only wanted 20 questions but picked 300 words so I could not submit the questions without meeting the 300. All he had to do is delete the paragraphs and use the questions, but he rejected it, not fair 

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  by Ty1234 2012-08-20

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  by jblakely2000 2012-05-31

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  by gmoore 2012-05-22

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  by Purple Cow Communications 2012-05-14

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  by homebizlady 2012-04-19
good job 

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  by 866MyMajor 2012-04-16
Again, another clever description and well written! 

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  by JonyBGoode 2012-04-15
Good Job! 

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  by 866MyMajor 2012-04-13
Well written and with personality to boot!  

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  by flipdiva 2012-04-13

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  by giftboxportal 2012-03-29

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  by montgom2012excel 2012-03-29
irrelevant to request 
Responded with comment: to give me a 1 star was ridiculous you were completely open to April....women would have thought this article was cute 

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  by mattbylett 2012-03-29
Great Article Thank you.. I love the direct approach of this writer. There was no fluff, my article was pure content and direct and to the point.

Job Well Done 

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  by priyaflorence 2012-03-28
Excellent! Very well written!  

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