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  by aleex4 2012-03-09 for Article: SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol)
poor english, not with professional ton as requested  

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  by sizzlecreative 2012-03-08 for Article: Ansul R-102 Suppresion System
This article doesn't read well, and makes little sense. 

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  by jakychane1 2012-03-07 for Article: MECHANICAL PROJECT ON CUTTING TOOL
did not follow my instruction properly 

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  by follano 2012-03-06 for Article: EASY WAY TO GET FREE APPLE iPAD2
whole first part of article does not make sense. "But what is FREE Apple iPad 2?" what does that even mean? 

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  by chrishaycock 2012-03-05 for Article: Short Band of David Guetta
Abysmal. Very poor. 

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  by viperman 2012-03-01 for Article: MANUFACTURING IS BOOM
needs to be written on PRECISION COMPONENTS!! 


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