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I am a young lady looking forward to start working and writing articles and features for my clients.

Work will be done on time and i will ensure that there is creativity, punctuality and also be able to deliver assignments on the agreed time.

I'm looking forward to start working with you.

Thanks in advance.


Rated with 
  by bradleyslife 2012-06-26 for Article: How To Buy The Best Laundry Baskets On Wheels.

Rated with 
  by done4youservice 2012-06-13 for Article: All About Carpet Cleaning in Fulham, London.
Good try but not up to the standard I'm looking for. Thanks, though. 

Rated with 
  by article inc 2012-06-12 for Article: 7 Craigslist Marketing Strategies.
You're a great writer, but I can't accept an article where you refuse to follow instructions. I specifically asked for one BRIEF INTRO PAR, 7 tips, and then ONE BRIEF CONCL.. You gave me half an article of random facts and 4 tips. Please revise. 

Rated with 
  by unitop 2012-06-05 for Article: Understanding The 1500 calorie Diet Plan.

Rated with 
  by rosemariarica 2012-06-02 for Article: How To Make A Guy Like You Without Obviously Flirting.
there are quite a few grammar errors.. sorry 

Rated with 
  by digitaldanny 2012-06-02 for Article: Custom Canvas Tote Bags.
Check spelling and keyword usage.... Make sure keyword is used 2%. 

Rated with 
  by darkvivi 2012-05-30 for Article: Renton Locksmith.

Rated with 
  by Hendrix1888 2012-05-30 for Article: Same Day Cash Loans.
Incorrect grammar 

Rated with 
  by Julieann1 2012-05-30 for Article: Baby Cloth Diapers.

Rated with 
  by gsuaaron 2012-04-27 for Article: How To Survive Infidelity.
2 or 3 places where the sentences didn't make sense, words were misspelled or didn't have the right meaning where they were placed. So, it didn't read fluently at all, but could of been easily fixed if it was proof read a time or two.  

Rated with 
  by createrk 2012-04-26
Looks like a spun content and its boring... 

Rated with 
  by massguru 2012-04-26

Rated with 
  by markwong5887 2012-04-26
fine writing. 

Rated with 
  by ccyew1 2012-04-25
Good write-up 

Rated with 
  by HamarJ 2012-04-25

Rated with 
  by dimitribanks 2012-04-24
OK thank you  

Rated with 
  by akrtw1 2012-04-24
Sorry I have to reject this article because I think you have misunderstood my instructions. I need 5 instead of 1 recipe and also each recipe only has to be about 200 words long. 

Rated with 
  by grubner1 2012-04-20
Sorry, many sentences without any sense 

Rated with 
  by nivlocus 2012-04-19

Rated with 
  by Kelowna 2012-04-19

Rated with 
  by ewoauseo 2012-04-19

Rated with 
  by authorfre 2012-04-19
English was occasionally awkward but spelling and grammar were OK. This is the first time I used this writer so I will likely try again. 

Rated with 
  by mtsoccer4 2012-04-17
NIce article, good content. Grammar and flow not perfect, but mostly good. Thanks! 

Rated with 
  by djparnell 2012-04-17

Rated with 
  by alexrjr 2012-04-17
Not too deep but it will do. Thank you. 

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