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Hi! My name is Judee Kimberly Rallos.

I am a writer for various newspapers and magazines. I have an excellent command of the English language and I have a Degree in Education, Major in English. I have also studied Nursing for 4 years and have also worked as a nurse for several major hospitals. In addition to my credentials, I also have a solid background in sales, having worked as a Telesales Supervisor and Sales Manager for a telecommunications company and a pharmaceutical company.

Writing has always been my first love and that's why I am here. I want to write and establish a solid clientele of satisfied requesters / customers.

If you want to know what kind of topics I can write about, here's some additional information:

In general, food topics and food articles always catch my attention. I am passionate about cooking, writing about foods that are familiar to me as well as foods that are bizarre and foreign. I also like to share recipes for any type of audience whether to a homemaker, a busy career person, a fellow chef or even a beginner in the kitchen. I also like to do medical topics as well.

Topics about medical conditions, health related advice, basics on anatomy and physiology, home remedies on symptoms as I have worked as a nurse and have enjoyed it too. I am fascinated with other sciences like history, biology, natural science, law and business. I also have taken subjects in fine arts majoring in advertising and this really tells a lot about my interest in the arts. I love makeup, fashion, interior decorating, home improvements, arts and crafts and a lot more. And since I have worked as a top sales woman and eventually became a sales manager and sales coach, I can also be very efficient in positioning products that you would like to endorse.

Another thing that I like writing about are relationship advice and advice on other topics. I have always loved to work with people and I have a natural inclination to understanding what goes behind a person's emotions, behavior and thoughts.

You can trust me to do my research in all of the topics that you would be giving to me.

Feel free to hire me exclusively and I will make sure to prioritize your requests and give you my best work. You can also give me meticulous instructions and I'll be sure to follow them to the letter. Have a great day! :)

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  by chany_the_one 2013-04-22 for Article: An Interview with a Real-Life Super Mario
Fantastic writer!! A++ 

Rated with 
  by h2unite 2013-04-19 for Article: How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking in 10 Days

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  by fitness6 2013-04-18 for Article: Music Studio Software – The Different Methods and How They Work For You
Elite writer? There are numerous grammatical & spelling errors. For example, "Softwares" isn't a word - software doesn't have a plural form - "software products", "software solutions" - these are correct examples.  

Rated with 
  by rmagill 2013-04-17 for Article: Eating Clean is the Way to a Flat Belly
Nice work. Thanks for that. I plan on posting more request soon.


Rated with 
  by ObjectBright 2013-04-16 for Article: Long Term Care Insurance - Go to: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1g64CaJr_uPfoAgJO_a-_NcslAzPBhD6UWN5vQQ5CEr0/edit to see the complete text with images //// iWriter does not allow photos to be uploaded and text to be formatted...
not usable. 

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  by StealthTactixSA 2013-04-16 for Article: Stock Market Trends
Some of these are incorrect. You also stated people who own the stock are called stockholder, that is wrong, they are called shareholders.  

Rated with 
  by zhanjoice 2013-04-15 for Article: How to Select Summer Clothes

Rated with 
  by sambsharp 2013-04-03 for Article: Barnum Real Estate

Rated with 
  by paulkevmcr 2013-04-03 for Article: Doctor Who Makes It To The Big Screen
Sorry but the article is factually inaccurate - Dr Who started in 1963. In addition the English seems more than a little stilted 

Rated with 
  by psites 2013-03-28 for Article: How to Watch Football Online

Rated with 
  by paulhollowayseo 2013-03-21

Rated with 
  by webar2007 2013-03-05

Rated with 
  by elvinf 2013-02-27
Very bad grammar and sentences that just don't make much sense when reading. Good effort but both versions of the article were just too poor. 

Rated with 
  by recordingsecrets 2013-02-23
Good stuff, but next article try to make it more step by step rather than mostly broken up notes, tips and tricks etc.... 

Rated with 
  by jockster 2013-02-22

Rated with 
  by alexseo 2013-02-20

Rated with 
  by uwiwriter 2013-02-19

Rated with 
  by dmcontact 2013-02-19

Rated with 
  by alexseo 2013-02-19
A few grammatical mistakes, but very good article. Thank you 

Rated with 
  by localkahuna 2013-02-16
Sorry, but this is not even close to what I am looking for. Its like a geographical-historical review of Las Vegas. I wanted to help people understand what they are getting into with Scaffolding in LV.... 

Rated with 
  by suman111 2013-02-12
writer doesn't followed instructions. 

Rated with 
  by frobak 2013-02-11

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  by dokuroc 2013-02-09
asked for a item vs item writer wrote about item review. 

Rated with 
  by Secretaffiliate 2012-10-29
<b><i>Article was reported as SPAM</i></b> 

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  by shayne54 2012-08-21
Doesn't read very well. 

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