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  by asomov 2012-03-05 for Article: Tips To Meditate For Beginners
Hi, I appreciate your reply but the article has several problems which I am sure were created by some kind of spinning:

For example;
" But some may not want to get all curved out of appearance, so to talk.." ??

I will need articles on regula 

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  by vutha123 2012-03-02 for Article: HR Management Salary Range And Job Description

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  by DieselViper 2012-03-01 for Article: A Review On Dead Space Game
Not even close, wrong title, badly written, SPUN content.. ??? 

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  by dbuglio 2012-02-29 for Article: Basics Of An Emergency Survial Kits

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  by joricam 2012-02-27 for Article: Symptoms Of Chronic Bloodshot Eyes When Wearing Contact Lens
insufficient attempt, not enough guidance of the keyword towards seo/information 

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  by usville 2012-02-23 for Article: Satellite Network System
Did not like. Please make sure all information in article is current. 


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