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  by alpha5th 2012-05-02 for Article: Lawn Mower Games Lawn Mower Games for Kids Lawn Mower Racing Games Riding Lawn Mower Games
Have no idea which game you're talking about in the first paragraph 

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  by ewoauseo 2012-05-01 for Article: How to Install and Uninstall java 7 for OS X
What is that 

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  by ilainie 2012-04-30 for Article: Critical review to Divercity located in Peru, Lima
Excellent! You nailed it! Thank you so much for this amazing article! 

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  by hj@3eyegroup.com 2012-04-28 for Article: Hertz Coupon

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  by lewvin 2012-04-27 for Article: Best pay as you go Mobile broadband
great thanks 

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  by kanadeca 2012-04-24 for Article: Hoboken 411

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  by neilcoleman78 2012-04-23 for Article: The Great Scooter Coloring

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  by alexrjr 2012-04-22 for Article: Generate revenue with the help of Internet SEO services -Internet SEO
Article structure needs too much work. Grammar needs work.  

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  by kennph 2012-04-20 for Article: Home and Family - Baby girls games

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  by djparnell 2012-04-19 for Article: Most Popular Repositioning Cruises

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  by bigdanmedia 2012-04-18

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  by tafutamedia 2012-04-05
the content doesnt really flow at all.  

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  by mfa2012 2012-04-05

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  by loo821ql 2012-04-03
I ll give some reasons of my rejection:
1. Putrajaya is not famous for this. No need to make false claim.
2. Putrajaya is not Klang Valley.
3. The location of other florists are very far, you can check google map first.
Can't say more, no more s 


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