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  by bluezero 2012-03-06 for Article: Easter Cupcake Decorating
Good article. Thanx 

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  by mgunner 2012-03-06 for Article: Physician assistant programs
I need better English sorry !
Thank you for writing for me. This was the first time I used this website I will be more clear next order !

Thank you,


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  by tafutamedia 2012-03-06 for Article: All American credit cards
Language doesnt flow, loads of puntuation mistakes etc.  

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  by ladyl08 2012-03-05 for Article: Best portable space heater
This was my first article requested so I didn't know what to expect. This article seemed like it was the result of running through an article spinner/rewriter. It would be a good article to submit to an article submitter.  

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  by borka79 2012-03-05 for Article: Teeth whitening courses, bdazzled teeth whitening
The keywords were inserted to the text not in an intuitive manner.  

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  by paultim71 2012-03-05 for Article: Baby swings
poor English 

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  by paultim71 2012-03-05 for Article: Baby Walker
very poor English 

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  by izarmedia 2012-03-03 for Article: Tibi Dresses:-

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  by busybee135 2012-03-03 for Article: Help for single mothers in New York
does not make sense 

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  by SmizIT 2012-03-03 for Article: Small Business IT Support benefits
Never references the site as asked for in Press Release format. 

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  by razor9991 2012-03-02
Sorry cant accept this one, you can try again but there is too much correction in it for me. Dont use colorful words like people desire (would like) is better  

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  by admiwmc 2012-03-02
Good content. Well organized. 

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  by cdubu1 2012-03-01
great thanks 

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  by joelwong622 2012-02-29

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  by AlexBog 2012-02-29

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  by stinie 2012-02-29
pretty good, need so revision but good quality, thank you 

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  by vutha123 2012-02-28

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  by rankchecker 2012-02-27
Thank you very much but article didn't meet criteria for main page of website about current topic 


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