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Hi All,

I am a freelancer writer, freelancer photographer, website designer and a journalist since last 3 years. I own online websites too.

I had been interested in content writing because I am the admin of the website where content writing is SEO based and involves certain keywords to be a part of the article as well as the content writing.

My hobbies include writing and photography which have been turned into my profession.

Rest I would say, Grace, Mercy and Peace be with you all forever.

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  by rbuckles 2012-03-21
Reasonably good writer. Has a lot of what I'm looking for.  

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  by thomass 2012-03-20
Excellent article, did what i asked.

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  by alancarrr1 2012-03-20

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  by gayc71 2012-03-19
excellent article thank you for your insight into the topic and understanding the process of addiction recovery.  

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  by newseotools 2012-03-19
The article is so full of redundancy. Thanks for trying 

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  by enetchaev 2012-03-19

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  by allbiz 2012-03-18
Thank you so much for this easy to read and truly useful article. It is wonderful! 

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  by acidophulus 2012-03-17
Lots of bad grammar in article that doesn't make sense. Want to gift cheap and fashionable backpacks makes no sense and things like you can be friend with them is not proper grammar. sorry. 

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  by ianblack 2012-03-15
It doesnt make sense in places. Also I am getting a little lost while reading it, its not the easiest article to read sorry.  

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  by dberning 2012-03-15

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  by nakata55 2012-03-15
Doesn't quite fit the article's purpose. No personal details and more of a salesman's tone than a friend to friend tone. Sounds like the infomercial and can't tell what sort of person is writing. More a supporting article for the actual review. 

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  by pwmadiso 2012-03-15
This writer utilizes proper grammar and punctuation. 

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  by emuchene 2012-03-15
well written bar a few grammar errors
thanks very much 

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  by marjanz 2012-03-15

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  by juneng 2012-03-15
it was a good attempt but need helpful buying tips. sorry. 

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  by jevonhayter 2012-03-13
Good Job 

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  by grubner1 2012-03-13

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  by djparnell 2012-03-10

Rated with 
  by djparnell 2012-03-09

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  by blasto 2012-03-07

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  by msritter 2012-03-05
The article needs some work. A lot of grammar mistakes, and sentences that do not quite make sense. I will correct and then post to my site.  

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