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I am a native English speaker (born and raised in the USA), and I am college educated with a BA in Psychology. I write about various subjects in my free time as a way to earn additional income.

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  by carlos090387 2012-06-17 for Article: Great Business Ideas For Kids

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  by amyl-iw 2012-06-15 for Article: Web Copywriting Tips
Responded with comment: User rejected my article without explanation. I would have been happy to rewrite. I have written many college essays and can't imagine why this well researched 300 word article was rejected. 

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  by iJacky 2012-06-10 for Article: Hoover BH50010 Review

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  by jfabate 2012-06-08 for Article: Texting While Driving: How Much Of A Hazard Is It Really?
A very nice job on this article! 

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  by jockster 2012-06-06 for Article: Post Penguin Link Building Methods

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  by bladski 2012-06-06 for Article: Benefits of CoQ10

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  by PenTao 2012-06-06 for Article: Giordano Libero 1.6 700c Road Bike Review
Excellent work! Did not incorporate reviewer likes/dislikes, but so well-written that I'm happy to accept it. 

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  by PenTao 2012-06-05 for Article: Retrospec Fixie Beta Series Bike Review
Good job! This is exactly what I needed! 

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  by promcmax 2012-06-05 for Article: Signs And Symptoms Of A Vaginal Yeast Infection
Wow! Just what I want. Thanks very much! 


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