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My name is Tracy, AKA Str8Freelance. I am 40 years old and live in the Northwest portion of Alabama. Married for 14 years, my wife and I have spent virtually everyday together. She is my absolute best friend. Her name is Tracy as well.
We live on a 60 acre farm, where cattle and horses occupy a vast majority of the land. We have 3 children, all boys, named Josh, Jeff and Jordan.
I love to write articles. This is we earn our income, so my clients take a front seat to most of my working hours. Since they pay my bills, they deserve my utmost respect and attention.
The subjects and topics I write about all get the same devotion to research and quality content that I can possibly give. I awake each morning at 5-5:30 am and log on to my article sites. From that moment on up until my last article of the day is written, I do not waver my attention to detail.
I feel my work ethic is second to none and you would be hard pressed to find any writer that will offer the quality content that I am willing to strive for.
Out of over 600 articles that I have submitted on this, and other writing sites, I have only received 5 reviews that were not 4-5 stars. Of those 5, 4 were purely lack of proper instructions from the client and only 1 was due to my lack of skill. That was the 3rd article I had ever written.
I learned that day that research was the key to quality work. I will never allow another article to leave my computer without being researched to its absolute fullest.
Again, if quality, turnaround deadline and accurate articles are what you seek, then "STR8FREELANCE" is the way to go. This is my job and I do my job well.


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