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Nick is a career computer networking professional with over 20 years of computer support experience. From network design, helpdesk, and computer security, Nick can handle writing a variety of computer and technology topics.

Nick also has a variety of experience with health-related topics from kidney stones, to mental health to reproductive biology. He is an advocate of the informed consumer of healthcare. Information about conditions is available on the Internet, but often it is written in a form that is difficult for most people to understand. Nick has a clear writing style that communicates the important without overwhelming the reader. You need to hire Nick!

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  by jk2014 2014-06-24 for Article: How to install Dell device drivers

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  by avantsi 2014-05-03 for Article: Hulu Plus vs. Netflix? Get them both!
No comment. 

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  by santel 2014-05-01 for Article: Top 10 New Release Kids Movies for 2014

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  by bowskijoe 2014-04-28 for Article: Rehoboth Beach Gardens, minutes from the beach without the big price tag

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  by twistedfate 2014-04-25 for Article: Check Out Our Top 5 How To Guide Before You Try To Steam Clean Your Hardwood Floors
Sorry, instructions were not properly followed. Although the article provides good information, and is well written, it is not focused on the main point of the article ("how to clean hardwood floors using steam") which is what my client needs. 

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  by 277websitedesign 2014-04-24 for Article: Mobile car repair, bringing the repair shop to you
Great Job. Thank you! 

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  by tobeina 2014-04-23 for Article: HDMI to RCA converters
Thank you. 

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  by Teutonic45 2014-04-23 for Article:

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  by Olsyter 2014-04-22 for Article: Convert the Online Casino Bonuses into Real Cash

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  by RandyR 2014-04-10 for Article: Unleash the power of data in Excel with a Pivot Table


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