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  by callummorris 2013-10-29 for Article: The 7 Habits of highly effective Multi Level Marketing Pros
spun content 
Responded with comment: Hi - Thanks for investing time in reading my article. For my understanding I would like to know why it was rejected (briefly)

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  by DieselViper 2012-06-02 for Article: Unit 13 - No nonsense bullet by bullet action
Incomplete - Grammar issues.. 
Responded with comment: Can I rewrite and submit the article? 

Rated with 
  by paultim71 2012-05-24 for Article: The Keurig B145
not really keen on the "office setting" that you created at the start of the article 

Rated with 
  by Jerryl 2012-05-24 for Article: Taking the trauma out of rehab - break through in addiction riddance
Rrewrite and correct the spelling and I'll accept it 
Responded with comment: Please request the article with a reservation for my ID , I've corrected the spellings and rewritten the content. There are two technically valid words in the article which show up as spelling errors - these can be looked up in a scientific dictionar 

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  by cdubu1 2012-05-24 for Article: Bespoke Clothing
great thanks 

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  by sukonin 2012-05-22 for Article: The Paleo Solution :the original human diet by Robb Wolf - review
This article is not professional tone. I need academic writing style and separate topics:

2)Basics of book
3)Recommended Foods
4)Sample Meal Plan ( Breakfast , Lunch ,Dinner etc.)
5)Exercise Recommendations
Responded with comment: Would like to know why the article was rejected 

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  by kalillen 2012-05-22 for Article: Top 5 Korean Dramas 2012
Asked for professional tone not opinion tine 

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  by clickforseo 2012-05-22 for Article: Men & Women - Exercise and lose stomach fat - keep it simple but keep it continuous

Rated with 
  by acpevans 2012-05-22 for Article: It's still me down there!

Rated with 
  by abhisheksood 2012-05-21 for Article: The Big Faux
Fluid writing with flawless grammar.

I like the fact that you could find what I was talking about and extrapolate the little information that was available to you.

Thank you 

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  by abhisheksood 2012-05-21
Great output with minimum inputs, thanks a ton..

will provide more work soon 

Rated with 
  by abhisheksood 2012-05-18
Well researched and detailed comparison of the phone models. Exactly what's required. Thanks!

Will be sending more articles your way. 

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  by millionaire 2012-03-20
don't match the special instruction  

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  by callisbritnet 2012-03-20

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  by callisbritnet 2012-03-19
Great work. A bit lose on the English at times but nothing major. Well researched. 

Rated with 
  by callisbritnet 2012-03-19

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  by Pobum1 2012-03-17
The concept of the article was great. I am not sure if the writer is a native English writer or if they were in a hurry and forgot to proof the article. When I get in a hurry and don't proof read... this is what I write sounds like.  

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  by evergreengirl 2012-03-17
Excellent in every way! 

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  by AllproJJ 2012-03-16
Excellent article! I was very impressed. By far the best article I've had written for me on iWriter so far. Thanks 

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  by rebben 2012-03-15
very nicely written! 

Rated with 
  by jackhadley 2012-03-15
no thank you 

Rated with 
  by hassan 2012-03-15

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  by Julieann1 2012-03-15
good ones. 

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  by vegaspreneur 2012-03-14
Wow! Very impressed with this article. I want more from this person. 

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  by glitterdesignz 2012-03-14
Very thorougly researched and well written article...Thank you.  

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