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  by n.weston1 2012-04-25 for Article: Why mobile security is popular
dont read right 
Responded with comment: never work for you again SCAMMER , first article you accept, never second its a trap? shameful!! 

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  by leeroy1981 2012-04-24 for Article: The benefits of telephone answering service

Rated with 
  by leeroy1981 2012-04-24 for Article: All there is to know about property management Plymouth

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  by tildemark 2012-04-24 for Article: Benefits of installing digital camera systems over hiring security guards
Poorly written, all sentences on the first paragraph are grammatically incorrect. did not bother reading the rest, sorry. 
Responded with comment: too quick to judge my article, shameful 

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  by n.weston1 2012-04-24 for Article: The Benefits of Mobile Security Service

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  by yardstick 2012-04-21 for Article: The best baby changing and bathing products
broken English 
Responded with comment: not broken English" You are broke and want to scam people , shameful 

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  by evolutionvisions 2012-04-18 for Article: INDIVIDUAL HEALTH INSURANCE
blah blah blah 
Responded with comment: never to work again with you, 

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  by annieooi 2012-04-15 for Article: Benefits of using the Limo Service Chicago
Are you representing Limo Service Chicago? Why put "our"? Not very well construction of sentences. 1 sentence into 1 paragraph. Sequence for 1st related search - incorrect. Missed out the other 2 related searches. 
Responded with comment: shameful of you, 

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  by crazydog 2012-04-13 for Article: Advantages of getting toys online

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  by fxteam 2012-04-13 for Article: The raw African shea butter
looks good 

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  by yrtan86 2012-04-13
Content wasn't really what I am looking for.. But thanks for submitting. Cheers. 

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  by dewade 2012-04-12
you can write better 

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  by joelwong622 2012-04-11
you can write better. 

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  by bubsngrubs 2012-04-10
Missing words, grammar needs to improve so that it makes sense. 

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  by vitanet 2012-03-31

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  by usville 2012-03-30
Spelling and grammar 

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  by kumarsetu 2012-03-30
Good article. 

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  by userlw 2012-03-16

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  by sosdevelopment 2012-03-15
unprofessional tone. keyword used carelessly. grammatically incorrect use of language. 


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